Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zara Melbourne update - and the "knock on" effect for Sydney

Melbourne store update

As I speak, oops, type, the Zara Melbourne opening party has almost started....

And as we all know, the Melbourne store, at Bourke Street is opening tomorrow at 9 am.

I am sure there will be some people in the Melbourne CBD telling texting their bosses tomorrow morning to advise that they are going to be late into work ....."public transport was a shocker", or "little Johnny wasnt well" or "we had a problem starting the car"....and more....

and Zara will be packed to the brim...just like Sydney store was.

This was a Herald Sun photo & so far, we only have the black shoes in the Sydney store.

Photo: Herald Sun

Cant wait to see more photos..this one was a preview for journalists last week....see the gold lurex sweater (back, left)? that's been in the Sydney store already - the rest of the items havent been seen yet in the Sydney store

Note: Pretty much all are available on line through the US site - you just need a US buddy to order them...

Photo: Sarah Willcocks (Facebook)

Sydney store update

Update # 1 - stock on floor for Wed 15 June 2011

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on (stalking? who? moi? never...) the Sydney Zara store stock for the last week and a half would have noticed that there hasnt been alot of new lines placed on the floor during that time - instead, it has been alot of replenishment of existing lines.

My little Zara spies advised this was because they are holding the new stock back so it co-incides with the Melbourne opening & isnt released sooner than Melbourne commences trading.

On that basis, I'd expect the Sydney store to be a MUST for the next few days....

Update # 2 - Made in ????

There was an article in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald which focused on how production in China has now overheated and manufacturers are looking elsewhere, like India.

The Head of Communications for Zara, Jesus I cannot for the life of me recall/spell his surname (but I have mentioned his surname in most of my Zara blog posts so far) said this is not of concern to his company as their China production is no more than 13% of their total production. He also indicated that approx 50% of their production is from Spain/Morocco/Portugal and 35% from Asia (I resume he meant that China was included in that value)...hence by conclusion, the balance (15%) is from sundry locations.

Have fun tommorow - Zara updates welcome!


  1. Hi Valerie, I've been a lurker around your blog and am enjoying it very much. I LOVE the detail and effort you do on crediting the designers in the pictures you post. I am a bit of a detail junkie so like to see exactly where everything came from.

    I am in Melbourne and am a bit perplexed at the Zara hype, I just don't get it I'm afraid. I used to like them years ago and bought pieces in Singapore, but when I was there 3 years ago I was really disappointed in their quality had styles, they had taken a dive for the former and seemed to be concentrating on the younger market for the latter. But it does add another dimension to Bourke St shopping and that can only be a good thing.

    Keep up the great posts.

  2. You have put a massive smile on my face Fashionista! Thank you. Are you a design student (since you like the designer's details)? I can give you the name of some sites that a dedicated to events, attendees & all the items they are wearing....really good daily reading...As for Zara, I have never visited any o/s stores, but in Sydney, yes there are some cheep & cheerful items that wont last the season (but priced alot lower than the Supres & Sportsgirls...) but alot of their pieces are much better quality (& at a cheaper price than say Witchery or Country Rd)...details like faux button holes on sleeves of jackets, pin stitching on lapels, good buttons etc. & they are bringing it here much faster than our Au high street....like you said, the extra dimension is good....Please keep posting comments - trying to build up the blog...hehehe....Val