Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shoes that go with nothing & therefore go with everything

Sometimes a statement piece is so unusual, so "strange" that it doesnt go with anything in your wardrobe, but that exactly why it looks amazing with everything.

A few years ago we were all talking about the "IT bag". Well the "IT bag" has now been replaced well and truly, by the "IT shoe". That is, its all about the shoe. Weird but wonderful enough to be like Switzerland (refer previous post)!

So, my lovelies, here is some shoe eye candy for the pleasure of your eyeballs.......

Christian Dior - I cant wear turquoise and gold near my face - so these are perfect for me.

Valentino Garavani - hello Lover!

Dries Van Noten -I dont have a bohemian bone in my entire body, but the colours in these sing out to me.

John Galliano - I'd wear these even if he is likely to go to jail

Casadei - I'd wear these with jeans

Balenciaga - this is SO typical Balenciaga, its lustworthy

more Balenciaga, more lust

Celine clogs - amazing on the basis that they are too ugly for words

Giuseppe Zanotti - clear crystals in theory go with everything, but these are so tacky so we will wear them with everything.

Charlotte Olympia - not only is this UK brand legendary, but these cute zebras are too cool for school!

Ladies - dont forget about my previous post about a coloured shoe drawing the eye downward.

So please dont forget to visit my earlier post on ways to minimise this downward eye movement yet still wearing your lovelies!


  1. Some amazing shoes in that lot - a few I covet and a few I would NEVER be seen in even if I could afford them - Love the Zebra Shoes, Casadei and Dries Van Noten

  2. I would wear all except Balenciaga (both), the clogs, clear crystals & zebra. Keep an eye out for zebra brand - its you in general....