Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Neutrals are like Switzerland

I absolutely love this look on Bar Rafaeli - its fresh, transeasonal and youthful.
Does this look work for you?

I love how there is a neutral grey base (top, bottom, scarf), with pops of (different) colours in the jacket & the belt and there is pretty & unexpected blush pink shoes/bag. Neutrals look expensive so you can look like a million dollars without spending it. Happy dance!

I would give up my first born to have this outfit because each item is a neutral like Switzerland so it will get on with everything in my wardrobe. As a result, I will wear and wear each piece and so cost per wear (CPW) will be managed through the floor! More happy dance!

The only item I recognise here as designer is Bar's bag - a Balenciaga. I have a sneaky suspicion everything else is also designer - let me know via the comments if you manage to do a Sherlock on the rest of her outfit's origins.

In this post I will show you how easy it is to re-create this look at affordable price points. With each item I have selected, I have tried to give you two options in terms of style.

Jeans - a light grey wash

Skinnies - Levis Bold Curve Skinny ID $119AU in light grey - for the young-uns!

Lonsdale Bernard in light grey $100AU - for us with a fuller figure!

The denim jacket

A denim look cord trucker jacket from SurfStitch $100AU (think super soft and cuddly)

A classic trucker denim jacket from SurfStitch for $100AU

Light grey tee options

Grey marle tee - All Quitter from Glue for $50AU - loose (aka relaxed) for "fat days" - who me?

Grey tee with ruching to add interest & show off a trim tummy - from Forcast $29AU from $40AU

Ladakh ruffle tee from SurfStitch for $33AU from $55AU

Frankly this is my favourite top option - button the top of the jacket & have this peeking out from the waist down at the front - so feminine yet casual & (bonus), tummy hiding! I heart ruffles! This will also work well if you plan on having a smaller scarf or not wearing the scarf for most of the day.

The scarf accessory options

A David Lawrence 100% wool charcoal oblong scarf (no yucky viscose) - $79AU

A Banjo & Matilda 100% cashmere light grey scarf at $299 - the ultimate in luxury by the company which is owned by Elle Macpherson's sister in law. Yes, a serious investment, but you will have this forever. Just make sure you protect it from moths & critters as they tend to go for the good stuff (same applies for the wool scarf actually).

The belt options

There are many affordable thin tan belts on the market. Make yours in leather so it lasts well.

TIP: If you want it large enough to wrap around twice, buy two & wear them as one long belt.

TIP: If in general you prefer silver metals, buy the belt with a silver toned keeper. If in general you prefer gold metals, buy the belt with a gold toned keeper.

#1 option -
Element Dawn Leather from SurfStitch $30AU from $50AU

#2 option -
Drew stud belt from Oxford $45AU from $89AU

The Bag

A Celine inspired tote - from Witchery for $180AU from $300AU

Couldnt resist showing you the originals on a recycled site, ioffer.....cute little girls, eh?

I think Witchery did a great "inspired" job in this case.....

The Shoe options

A ladylike from Wanted called Hussy for $130AU

A sexy suede high heel to ramp it up from Witchery called Colette, new stock for $170AU

TIP: Three coats of light Scotchguard ladies, please!

A comfy wedge - a mock crock from Witchery - new stock for $170AU

Of course you can do a flat like Bar - ballet flat or loafer....

TIP: I also love how the bag and shoes arent matchy matchy (not the same leather), but they complement each other in their tone.

Oops, almost forgot - the sunglasses

An aviator style - again loads on offer from the real Ray-Bans to much cheaper.
The only thing to watch is the tone of the metal...if your face is better flattered by gold tones, then make sure the sunnies have that. If your face is better flattered by silver tones, then make sure the sunnies have that instead.

Frankly - if you hate aviators, most other styles will do - seriously - you dont have to copy every element exactly.

Do you like this look & can it work for you? I'd love to know.

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