Monday, June 6, 2011

Bargains at Birkenhead Point & Sale Tips

Thanks to David Jones' Mr Store Credit Card, my recent visit to the Birkenhead Point Outlets caused some serious scarf bargains to follow me home. See below for details and some tips on sale shopping as well as some of the DJs outlet's pricing strategies.

What bargains have you scored this winter?

Gant (mens) scarf

100% thick lambswool (the non itchy variety) in wide stripes of marine blue & mid blue.
This shade of mid blue absolutely sings on me.

Made in China

RRP = $129
Comes to outlet store at 30% off = $91
Another 5o% off as a red light type special, my price = $46

Wear with: Denim, taupe (my version of camel), black, navy, boots, flat shoes. Rough & ready.

Milana wool checked grey scarf

A light grey with cool undertones but the beauty of this is the texture and surface interest created by the woven look (like the intreccatio Bottega Veneta leathers)

50% wool, 50% acrylic
Made in Italy

RRP = $59.95
Comes to the outlet at 30% off = $42
Another 60% off as a red light type special, my price = $17

Wear with: Other shades of darker grey, black, even navy.
Good to lighten up my face.
Work or play.

A little digression - here is the Bottega intreccatio weaving I refer to above....this scarf is woven in a similar way

Milana lightweight marine blue checked scarf

Crinkly texture in checks of marine blue, light blue, taupe, white, black
(in reality it looks a bit brighter than the photo)

57% viscose, 43% polyester
For those of you who know my hate of viscose, this is blended very well and the crinkles ensure and you dont notice it.

Made in Italy

RRP = $49.95
Comes to outlet at 30% off = $35
Another 60% off as a red light type special, my price = $14

Wear with: More a casual piece, with pants & jeans, maybe even a type of a lumber jack look with a part open chambray shirt & a white singlet underneath, boots.

Note: I already have this in the red version - its a burgendy shade & it sings on me. I paid full price for it months ago but I have worn it alot (usually with jeans & a chambray shirt).

Those that know me, you will know that I will often buy something, trial it to death & if its working, often buy it in another colour....since this was only $14 it would have been criminal not to buy it....should I see someone about this problem?

Gregory Ladner white chiffon scarf

100% poly with a large scale black window pane check (I love window pane checks - a clean pattern which is very professional)

Made in China

RRP = $39.95
Comes to outlet at same price (DJs does not reduce Gregory Ladner when it comes into warehouse)
Then 60% off as a red light type special, my price = $16

Down side - some of the selvages at the corners arent sewn in properly, so I will unstitch by hand & tuck in, then re-stitch, so they look lovely. Nothing worse that the ends of a scarf sitting prominently around your neck with yucky unfinished corners. Will do while watching TV.

Wear with: work appropriate, not casual

My Birkenhead
spend = $93
RRP = $278

Happy dance!

Now for some sale tips!!!

How many of you do these already?

*Sale shopping needs stamina - stay hydrated (carry water bottle) and energised (have breakfast/lunch/carry energy bars/dried fruit)

*Wear flat comfy shoes

*Wear clothes that are easy to remove - not too many fiddly buttons, hard to reach zips nor jewellery that can snag items easily

*Wear a cross body bag - protection against pick pockets - its their busy season too!

*If you are matching something, bring it with you

*Check return policies before you finalise at the till

*Go early, try to stay away at lunch times & Saturdays

*Make time for the shop - think about how much time you will need & allocate accordingly. speed shopping will only cause you heartache in the form of (costly) mistakes. If you dont have the time, then cut down what you are looking for

*If you hate crowds (& shopping) - either dont go or take a retail savvy friend (or professional) who loves to shop but who you trust to be honest and constructive with you

*Never, ever go if you are feeling down. If you do, you are guaranteed to make (costly) mistakes

*Have a plan of what you need & a good idea of what the prices were before the sale (so you know if you are truly getting a bargain)

*Only buy it if it will work in 3 different ways with your existing wardrobe (& no, I am not referring to 3 different pairs of jeans)

* Consider if you will need to buy other items to go with it. So the true cost of the $99 top , may in fact be $399 once you add in shoes, bag and a co-ordinating skirt & jacket. Yikes!

* If the rack consists of many many of the same item, consider whether the item may in fact be badly cut or poorly designed....if no one is buying it, it reminds me of a restaurant which is empty most of the time.

If all this fails - try on line! I'll have some on line sale tips in a later blog.

What bargains have you scored recently?

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