Friday, April 19, 2013

What I wore: Hi-low ensemble

The first thing to say is that at midnight, the best light in my house is in the vanity area of the bathroom.

So I laid out a white sheet & started snapping today's outfit.

The floral shirt

Last winter's from Sussan in vibrant cool tones.
Without a jacket, I wear it with the sleeves rolled up as I ma a short sleeved gal.

With a jacket, I wear the sleeves full length, so they stay down & I am not re-arranging them every 5 minutes.

This shirt is 100% cotton in colours perfect for a winter or a summer.

Not hard to say that its the hero piece of the outfit. All eye lead to the bright floral shirt.

TIP: When going for a casual look, have your shirt peek out from the bottom of the jacket by no more than 5 cm. It adds continuity from the shirt showing at the top & pulls the ensemble together.

For a dressier look, either tuck the shirt in, or have it a cm or two shorter than the jacket. 

The pant

Another Target cotton in a dove grey - I like this colour as it provides a bit of difference to the usual chino/taupe colours.
On sale for $16.

The shoes - right side of photo

I wore the ones on the right, a Spanish brand from Eunice Jackson Shoes in St Ives Shopping Village, on sale from $220 to $140. I loved their quirkiness (the round toe with the "staples") & the way the sides run close to each other as they move upwards on the foot - a slimming feature.

Spanish shoes are generally cheaper than their Italian sisters. The reason is because there are compromises in the leather or styling. In this case, the heels are a stacked wood, but they are hollow (brittle type) plastic. Dont get me wrong, they look great, but if they cracked or broke soon I wouldnt be surprised. After all, you get what you pay for.  

The shoes - left side of photo

A few months later, I found a "similar" uber deigner version from Costume National which I had to have. It was from the Luisa Shoe Sale which runs in the Hilton Hotel in Sydney every 6 months. They were reduced but still a bit of a bomb.

Those of you with a keen eye may notice I havent worn them - but I still adore them. 

The cardigan

The shirt is quite large - I bought it loose & easy fitting because that's how I like it - knowing I would never tuck it in. 
Without a topper (cardi or jacket), I would be bordering on sloppy. 

Since I dont do sloppy, unless I am at the football (which would never happen!), jacket required.

When I am a bit lazy, I will grab one of my knitted jackets. These have the cut of a jacket, so they are smart, but without the structured shoulder pads & with the softness of a knit.

Enter this black Rena Lange textured knit cardi.
If you ever have a chance to buy this brand - do so. The quality is outstanding. Its a German brand which often does Chanel styling, but what i love about it is the details - impecable seaming, cut, fabric & trim. 

Eg: Did you notice how the lapels doent sit flat? That isnt me being messy - its a deliberate feature that gives it a more feminine touch. 

The cardi is a wool/elastene blend.

I bought it from ebay from a seller I buy lots from (Linda's Store) for $70 plus shipping. The RRP would be close to $2K. 

David Jones used to keep the brand but stopped it about 4 years ago as it got too expensive to sell to their clients. Like I said, if you are looking for smart pieces and you have the opportunity to buy Rena, do so.

The belt

A self belt which came with the cardi.

Notice the way I tied it?

If you want to know how to do that know, just ask me as a public post on the Facebook page post for this story.
Its a very neat way to tie scarves as well.

Arm party

Hermes palladium bangle in orange, red, aqua tones. Paid full price at the store (someone shoot me please) but I will have it forever. 

On the other wrist is a funny industrial looking bangle. The black part is soft rubber and the gold bit is a brushed gold plate. I bought this (sold as a pair) from a store in Mosman called Curve. They have amazing imports & Aussie designer pieces including a terrific range of denim.

Neck party

A chance purchase from yesterday, at Lovisa. $25.
I liked the pick up of the green stones with the green in the shirt.  For me, green is an unusual choice - so this shakes things up a bit.

Lovisa also had it with pale pink stones.

TIP: When buying cotume jewellery make sure your perfume and hairspray has settled/is dry before you put on the jewellery. This will reduce the rate of discolouration and tarnishing. After you wear it, wipe with a soft cloth before storing out of the way (so there is less reaction with the air & the chemicals floating in it).

The fine print

I forgot to photograph my rings, hey its past midnight. 
One is the Bottega inercaccio from previous days. The other was an ebay find - TBA.

The bag - also fine print

I wear the same bag every day for a few months & then rotate another one from my collection. Currently its a black 3.1 Phillip Lim - I will show her off soon...I keep forgetting to photograph her as she is rather big & heavy & holds the kitchen sink. 

Until next time.....

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