Saturday, April 27, 2013

What I Wore - lovin' my men's linen shirts

Today's outfit was a grab & run. 
Grab the first things in sight, scan the tall boys for jewellery & run out the door.

The shirt

The shirt is my favourite.
From Target, on sale for $12, from $39, its a men's shirt in linen.

It ticked all the boxes:

-  100% linen
-  white (not off white)
-  primary colours (love the primary colours)
-  oversize (easy to wear & no exposed midsection when I lift my arms)
-  quality is good (stitching, button attachment, seams)

inside, side seam

I loved how there was no exposed overlocking - it was all sewn inside the seams - see above photo. This is known as French seaming. Finishes like this prove to me that for the same price, men's high street garments are of a better quality than women's garments. 

The jeans

Not Your Daughter's Jeans in a mid blue washed look
My standard cut, straight leg in another colour.

Neck party

A silver dog tag style chain to which I added two silver rings (which must have been strays from another item). I use this as a filler/layering piece with other chains.

A silver pendant on a red metal mesh "chain". The mesh can be pulled out & squashed in, giving a different look depending on whether you want to wear it shorter or longer respectively. It is sterling 925 & I got it from the Fitted for Work Sale Shop for $3. Bargain especially since its a blue-y red, which is my red!

Arm party

A bunch of red bracelets

A mixed crew including Swarovski, Catt Hammill (from David Jones & boutiques) and other beads. Includes a leather mock croc burgendy band which I got from a Ginger & Smart warehouse sale for $10.

The G&S band has 2 posts - one is silver, the other is antiquey gold. You can see these in the photo. I am not sure if that was deliberate on the part of the sisters (as it allows you to mix metals) or a reject (& hence why it was sold so cheap).

Finger party

A massive & multi band silver Russian wedding ring - again witness my obsession for circle jewellery.

A 5 circle silver ring which collapses - I usually wear it all on one finger as the size of the rings isnt well enough thought out to be accommodated on all five fingers. 
From The Family Jewels in Paddington for $90.
TFJ is a terrific jewellery - massive range of costume and semi precious pieces. 

Bottega Veneta bangle from ebay. You've met this one before. She needs no introduction. 

a bit blurry, sorry, but showing the collapsed 5 ring ring

The shoes

On grab & run days you need sturdy comfy shoes. 
But because the shirt was so potentially "sloppy" I wanted heels so that any sloppy element could be neutralised.

Comfy heels. Is that an oxymoron? 

Absolutely not.

These black DKNY rubber & leather pumps were from David Jones in the city at one of the half yearly clearances. They were $120 from $390.

The rubber base is actually springy - the have a bounce to them & so are weirdly comfy.

They ticked all the boxes:

- thick solid heel (easy to run)
- round toe (less damage to shoe than pointy toes)
- non leather heel (hard to damage, rubber is full proof)
- practical & not prissy

See you tomorrow.


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