Saturday, April 27, 2013

What I Wore - Dolce & Gabbana pumps with a Sussan scarf

Even though I think I know everything (about fashion), I am learning all the time. I have been doing these "What I Wore" posts for about a week now and they have helped to crystallise my style in my head.

Yep - as much as I thought I knew about what I liked (& didnt like), I realise now that I love my outfits to have one element of drama amongst a whole bunch of neutrals simple pieces.

What do I mean by an element of drama?

Loud print
Wild texture
An exaggerated line or cut
An oversize bangle or necklace
A loud shoe or bag
Stacked bracelets
Scarves, scarves & more scarves.

Speaking of scarves, a floor length scarf would definitely qualify as drama.

So here goes.....

The scarf

The scarf is two Susan scarves woven together by me to form a very long scarf. The only reason it doesnt go to the floor in the photo is because it doesnt have the benefit of gravity - even with it rolled around my neck three times.

Its 100% wool and each one was $70 and I wrote about the joining process here:

Not only are they warm, they make a statement. That's drama. That's me.

The white shirt

A men's 100% linen with pin tucks on the front. Its a XXL & I roll the sleeves up & I love it.

I got it on ebay for around $50 and the brand is the Italian, 120% lino - they have a great Facebook page & terrific quality product. The larger David Jones stock them as well as spotted boutiques Robert Burton (Woollahra) and Duck Egg Blue (Balmain). 

By the way, white shirts are a terrific wardrobe staple for women - fitted, loose, linen, cotton, silk, button down, tee shirt style, long sleeve, short sleeve, the possibilities are endless for your budget, your style and your body shape.

Build a collection, bleach them to keep them clean & when they start to fall apart replace them. 

The jeans

My well loved Not Your Daughter's Jeans in dark grey

The neck bling

A silver with blue enamel Najo ball pendant on a silver dog chain- further fuelling the ball jewellery obsession.

The arm party

A whole bunch of bracelets some of which I have made & others purchased. 

An Hermes bangle in B&W - well worn & all it takes is a silver cloth on the palladium to make it new again.

I tend not to mix my Hermes bangles with the bracelets. The card that comes with the bangles says to keep it away from other jewellery (when it comes to clothes & accessories, yes, I do follow instructions) and it makes sense to wear the bangle separately, on one wrist & the bracelets on the other.

The shoes

Since the shirt is so large & "sloppy" I wanted to wear heels to amp up the look.

Since the scarf was doing the song & dance, I didnt feel like the shoes needed to compete.

Enter Dolce & Gabbana pumps in black with a bronzey horse bit. Round toe (comfy), thick stacked wood heel, low vamp (lovin' toe cleavage).

Love the way Dolce line their things in leopard print and that was definitely a selling point. 

The shoes came from David Jones in the Sydney CBD at 40% off. I make it a point of never paying full price on anything that drags on the floor. 

See you tomorrow.

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