Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nina Proudman - Where to buy the white top

The Season 4 teasers show Nina in a white shirt by Alice McCall.

She is wearing it open at the front. 

The top has bell sleeves & an open embroidered feature on both the front & the back yokes.

The shirt is a previous seasons model and is no longer available in stores (unless you can find old stock). 

However you can find similar styles in surf & jean stores as these stores cultivate the prarie/boho look that this shirt exhibits.

It is also worth exploring other seasons' designs in Alice McCall as designers often repeat features of their collections, these features becoming almost a trademark look as to their brand's style. 

So here are some options I have come up with:

Option #1:

A Wrangler top with a lace pattern on the yoke at the front & back. $100

Its also available in black & the photo of the front was only shown in the black version.

Option #2:

A Target Free Fusion shirt with a lace yoke. $35
Wear it open like Nina.

Option 3:

Wrangler "Dawn" white shirt $100

This shirt has no lace, but its got that whole boho feel happening with its batwing sleeves. Roll up the sleeves & wear the front open like Nina. 

Option 4:

Witchery Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation white shirt $150
(all proceeds go to ovarian cancer research)

You can achieve a Nina look by leaving this open, roll up the sleeves, add a long scarf & off you go.

Option 5:

Alice Mccall "Talking About" top, $135 from $260

This top is a pale lavendar, sheer with a small pindot lace.
I can see Nina wearing it even though it doesnt have a button front. 

The top's vee neck is a perfect foil for a long boho scarf.

Option 6:
Alice McCall "Alfons" blouse, original $229, now sold out

I'd be checking ebay, etsy etc for this.

Option 7:

Alice McCall swing top, button front from the autumn/winter runway of 2012.

OK, so I cheated - this one is sold out too.
But hopefully you get the drift of the style to look for.

See anything you like?
Which top would Dr Patrick like best?

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