Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sussan open weave scarf - turning 2 scarves into 1

I love scarves, always have. Square, rectangle, bobbled, textures, coloured, neutral, whatever. I love scarves. 

In this post I want to show you how I took a Sussan scarf, actually I took two Sussan scarves & joined them into one giant scarf. So much cosier for winter.

The scarf in question is the current Sussan open weave for $60. 

I bought the grey version - a mid grey.

It also comes in a "poppy" which I think is more coral. 

Photo looks orange, in actual fact it's coral.

It is a rectangle & has mitred ends.

It has a very open weave & that's what drew me to it, as well as the fact that its 100% wool.

Lets go back a few years - the obsession for this particular style of knit started a few years ago when I saw the Dries Van Noten runway for AW 2010.

Love the open weave in navy wool.

& just for completeness, here is the open weave sweater - I dont like this so much...

I tried the scarf on at Belinda in the MLC & I let it go even though it was quite cheap (for Dries) - $350 and of course it was wool. The reason I let it go was because it was so soft I seemed to be catching everything in the weave. Not practical, so I let it go.

But I couldnt stop thinking about it, even though I had decided not to buy it. I called them about 3 weeks later & they had all sold. I called Poepke in Paddington & they too had sold all of theirs. I looked around on line & I found the top but not the scarf.

Alas, no Dries scarf for me.

Then many of the high street stores started doing it - I recall seeing something similar at Country Road and at Sussan.

But as far as I recall, I wasnt tempted because they were largely acrylic or their colours were not right. I would have wanted a neutral, black, navy, grey etc.

But this popped up a few weeks ago at Sussan.

How to wear it?

Since it is wool & wide, it is heavy - if I lay it around my neck and let the ends drop down, it would just flop down with no body. 

When I rolled it around my neck once & let the ends hang down, it looked bulky around the neck (good) but then thinned to nothing only a short distance further down. 

Something just wasnt working for me - but looking at the Dries version, it occurred to me how I would prefer it longer - alot longer. As a tall person, this could work well.

So I bought another then went to Lincraft to get wool.

TIP: When matching colours, always take the original with you - its impossible for the ye to agree a colour without looking at a side by side comparison. 

The other requirement was the appropriate ply & a natural fibre. I found a wool/bamboo mix. 

I cant really knit or crochet and I had no inclination to learn, so I wove the wool inbetween the two short sides of the scarves, to bring them together. Easy.

It too me an hour in front of the TV - the main time waster was getting the tension right so I could start & end with the edges aligned. 

bird's eye view of my weaving.....

So now she is super long & super dramatic. Which I like. Very much.

With the Lincraft wool/bamboo which I used to join the scarves.

A thank you to the Sussan store at Castle Towers, for allowing me to photograph in the store.

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