Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nina Proudman - blue suede boots are here

Last year Nina was wearing tan boots like they were going out of style. Remember these from Diana Ferrari?

As a boho babe, they looked great & we all loved them on Nina.

This year, the promotional video shows pregnant Nina in blue suede boots. That's a big change, yes?

Fashion Insider has advised that the brand is Tsumori Chisato. This is a Japanese designer who works out of Paris.
Her aesthetic very boho babe, just like NIna. Her prices are unfortunately quite designer (read: expensive).

Sadly the boots are out of stock (ebay, anyone?) and even if in stock, would have retailed for a minimum of $400 before shipping.

So Style into Action has tracked down an affordable alternative:

A NOVO pair, "Moskow"

In "micro suede" (read: synthetic) for $90.
The colour is "midnight".
The heel is a 7 cm wedge.

These are still available - so hurry & buy. 

Stylist's opinion

From a stylist point of view, unless you are swimming in money, you may not want to invest alot in blue suede boots. 

For two reasons:
1. Blue may not be the most classic of colours - hence your options are more limited than say a classic colour like tan or black.

2. Suede is very hard to look after & as a winter boot, will be subjected to alot of beating. A synthetic version like the Novo pair may be more appropriate. 

TIP: You can insert leather half soles & spray them with shoe deodoriser to manage the any build up of smells and moisture. Remember to also give them a break between wears - 24 hours is ideal.

Other brands?

Diane von Furstenberg has had a gorgeous blue suede boot "Parker". 

DVF's Parker boot

Sadly it is out of stock, as are many lower priced non designer options.

As other brands come on the market, Style into Action will keep you posted.

If you see any on the web in the mean time, please let Style into Action know via the Facebook page so that Nina fashion fans can also be aware of them.

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