Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore - Another Ms Hermes meets repeat basics

Yesterday I was harping about building your wardrobe around neutral basics & rotating accessories/printed pieces to create variety & oomph in your closet.

The people around you wont notice that you have worn the same neutral basics often, yet they will notice that you seem to be wearing "that scarf" or "those funky shoes" or that "loud printed blazer" again & again. 

Whilst we shouldnt care what others think, life is about perceptions and first impressions & you DO want to be perceived as smart, capable & forward thinking & NOT as stale or in repeat mode. 

Use your wardrobe to give the forward thinking impression & not the stale impression.

In that vein, I repeated yesterday's basics but changed my accessories.

Same jeans (Not Your Daughter's jeans) , same sweater (Zara), same bag.

Different rings/shoes/bracelets/scarf.

I felt like I was wearing something totally different to yesterday especially because the accessory which really stood out as different was close to my face.

The scarf

Hermes 90 cm silk square, Grand Manege
Tied in a slightly different way to yesterday.
See next post for tying technique.

Arm party

A whole bunch of different colours, deliberately in the same colours as the scarf.

Finger party

I keep a (long) olive tray which has all my silver rings.
It is in the bathroom where I do my hair & it is where they are best accessible before i walk out the door.

Today there is a chunky dome ring bought from a silver stand in a mall for around $80. 

There is a nice little test to confirm whether you suit chunky or dainty jewellery - I will show you in a later post. But I definitely come out as a chunky girl.

There is also a square ring in an anodised aluminium which came from ebay, Linda's Stuff for around $30. I have bought heaps from them & have mentioned them previously in What I Wore.

Since I was trying to fill a box with that seller, I also bought the silver version. If it works, buy multiples she preaches. 

The shoes

My intention was to wear these babies, Jil Sander bought about 5 years ago from David Jones in the city & rarely worn because I bought them too small, tried to wear them in (not very successfully) & hence couldnt return them nor re-sell them.

I see this style everywhere now, so I am trying to stretch them out again to take advantage of the trend. The size issue is only in the width at the toes - the length is OK (just).

So I brought a back up pair which got to see the light of day for quite a few hours - the Roberto Cavalli for Target ballet flats.

So that's the outfit. Hope you like.

Now for those scarf tying posts.....

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