Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I wore - Marni with a grocery store tee

Yesterday's outfit was formula for me.
Camel pants, striped tee, navy jacket. Always a navy (or black) jacket. Always. 

Here we go:

the pants look lopsided - blame the photographer, not the brand

The scarf

The easiest way to add a pop of colour especially if you normally wear neutrals.

This one is 100% cashmere from Pink Zebra (this brand now only via clicks, no more bricks), in a long rectangle shape, no fringe. It is a plain knit. I have washed it a million times & its still as good as new. I think I had paid around $300 but it was the right shade of burgendy & it has paid for itself. 

Interestingly, it did have fringe knitted into the ends - I removed it, string by string but I had to be super careful not to cut the scarf.

The brooch

Love brooches - not only are they pretty but they are a great way to bring the eye upwards to the face.

But I only wear them when the fabric of the top or jacket is of a kind that wont leave a permanent mark from the pin. 
I will never wear them on a silk scarf. But this jacket is a wool/linen mix & the memory of wool is amazing (meaning the fibres return to their original)...enter diamante Chanel brooch from ebay, about $250, with original box. 

Love the fact that the diamantes are a rectangle shape. Adds a point of difference.

The necklace

An Ann Demeulemeester I bought from Assin in Paddington, Sydney. Its sterling 925, weighs a ton & I paid a bomb for it. 
I have worn it again & again & it has that antiquey look, so I dont need to polish it. A bargain at any price for something you dont have to clean.

It also has many many clasps so can be worn at various lengths & in various ways. More bargain at any price. 

Hand & arm candy

You have met my Bottega intercaccio bangle & ring before. I adore them. 

But look at the ring sitting in the centre of the bangle.
Its Witchery from about 15 years ago when Witchery did sterling 925. I had paid about $60 odd for it & when they went on sale & found another for $10. Two sizes meant I would rotate fingers. Score!

Notice how it has many rings? My obsession with many circles in jewellery had formed even back then.

The jacket

A Marni from the AW 2005 collection. 

Bought from a Belinda warehouse sale for about $350 - the original was $1,800 something. 

The cut out fabric with the natural inside colour just sung out to me. The fact that the bottom cut out part isnt lined is sheer genius. 

Love the inside as much as the outer

& the outer is TDF IMO too

TIP: Always store jackets (& shirts) with the top button done up. This helps them stay on the hanger & helps them to keep their shape longer. 

If the jacket doesnt have buttons, use a safety pin to do up the top part.....see?

If you're in a humid environment and the item isnt worn often, check the pin every 6-12 months so it doesnt begin to rust. Seriously. Same goes with dry cleaner tags which are stapled onto the garment's tags.

The pants

Hammock & Vine, available at some David Jones stores.
This brand is the big sister to Gordon Smith. Like GS, it is aimed at an older client, but the pieces are more resort like - flowy, larger cuts. Gimme, gimme.

I have latched onto their pants in particular. I have trouble buying pants - when the pant eases over my thighs every other part of me is swimming in it. H&V cut large in the thigh, but retain their slimness in the waist & leg. 

So I watch & buy...I have similar in caramel (the one in the photo is more a taupe), black & I am still stalking for a navy variation. 

The pants were $89 reduced from $140. They have a cargo look, but are slim through the leg. 

The shoes

I have shown navy shoe options here, but a taupe/tan would have worked equally well. 

The heels

I saw these babies at Belinda - they are Marni, moulded plastic from before everyone started to do this trend. They were seriously expensive...about a year later I found them on ebay for $90 plus shipping. Original box included. Score. 

The brown strap works well with the brown tone of the pants.

The flats

The flat shoe option is my go-to flattie brand, JP Tod's.
I have ballet flats, but I dont wear them often, as I am a loafer girl. A JP Tod's loafer girl. I like the fact that loafers last longer & a sturdier.

Finally, the most amazing cheap & cheerful piece:

The top

From Coles - their Mix Apparel range for something ridiculous like $19. 

I bought the navy version in both scoop neck & vee neck.

I also got the black version (ie: black stripes) in both the scoop neck and vee neck.

& I bought a few of each when they went on sale to something crazy like $9.

Coles do a breton (striped) tee every season. Sometimes it works for me, others not so much. This season, it worked in spades.

What I liked about it was it was cotton/elastene, the sleeves were the right length (cap sleeves arent flattering for older non gym visiting arms) & they just fit just right.

Here is a photo I had posted of the others in the range. 

So what do you think?

Have I give you any ideas?
Can you give me any suggestions about this look or these pieces?

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