Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I wore - Mickey Mouse & Giorgio Armani

I dont normally showcase my outfits - instead I photograph the odd accessory here & there.

But this one just called out for the camera. No, I am not in the photo (let me take baby steps folks...) but one reason may be because it wasnt all black (or navy) & would show up well in a photo....so here goes....

Lets break it down....

The jacket

The jacket is Giorgio Armani main line in a linen tweed in tones of grey/blue/white. I bought it on ebay a few years ago for $70US & it had been altered down a size (without disclosure on the listing). I bought it on the basis of the size which was tagged - there were no meaurements in the listing but Armani main line is quite standard  in its sizing.

The lady who sold it to me was gracious enough to reimburse me for the alterations so that I didnt have to return it. 

The fabric is mottly so you cant see the original needle holes unless you hold it up to the light. It hadnt been worn alot so there was no stretching of the fibres where the original seams were.

TIP: If you want to see any imperfections in fabric, moth holes etc, just hold up a garment in good light.....

Look at the subtle corozo nut buttons & the point of difference in the cuff.
But no bells & whistles, very sedate. Love Armani!

It is one of the shapes Armani does well each season - no peplum, just fitted & flared, medium sized lapels & no bells & whistles (no fancy shoulders etc). A classic piece. 

The bonus is that whatever fit models he uses, their waist proportion is where my waist is. So the fit is great.

The Mickey tee

The tee was from Target about a year ago.
I had been looing for a Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse tee to dress down my jackets....everything I saw was either off white or light grey marle. Both these shades have warm undertones & were a no-go zone for me.

I also wanted Mickey (or Minnie's) colours near the face to be red, blue or black (not yellow). Picky arent I?

Then this baby showed up.

When I bought it I was thinking of cutting the bottom off so it sat at the top of my hips and with the raw edge exposed - cool, arent I? LOL!  Slight problem - I have since gained weight, so the lower length bum covering is now a good thing.


I figured since this was a casual look, it needed some layering in the bling.

A short silver necklace with some Isabel Marant stones (which I had taken off the original IM chain as it's chain was costume) - from The Corner Shop in Sydney's QVB - about 2 years old.

A long crucifix in House of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie) I bought from a PR agency's warehouse sale for $50 somewhere in Alexandria.

Bottega Veneta intercaccio bangle, ebay $300. The spring was gone on this so I bought it knowing I had to repair it. Little did I know repair means sending it to Italy for 3 months.....

Hermes bangle in grey/white/red tones & palladium metal.
Bought from the store & taken O/S when I wasnt working. So lets keep the price off this blog so you dont think I am insane.

Bottega Veneta intercaccio ring, ebay $200. From the same fellow that sold me the bangle. 

Chunky silver ring $50 with a black onyx insert at a warehouse sale for Hunt Leather where a jewellery lady had set up a display.


Target, cotton, full length but I rolled up the cuffs.
Normally $39, I paid $15.
I also bought the identical ones in black (quite a few pairs), one in navy & a few in taupe. 
They also had them in brights (cobalt, red, green etc), but I dont do bright solids on the bottom.

TIP: If you find something that works & you have road tested it, buy multiples, but many colours.

Target do this style every season with slight variations. They do then in their Target main range as well as Hot Options.
Great for bumming around in.  


I wore the Roberto Cavalli for Target ballet flats, which I bought on sale for $16 and they are still going strong.

I have worn them 11 times (counting cost per wear!!!!) but they look new....
seems like vinyl & fabric dont attract foot goo....

The alternative I fished out is a Dorothy flat from Jil Sander in a bronzey-gold which I had bought from DJs in the city at a ridiculous price which shall remain secret.

Jil Sander

The choice of shoes needs a discussion. 

I have a rule which I tend to go by, but in 2013 it needs to be used with caution and so I dont talk about it on the blog/page alot. Nevertheless, it works for me. The rule is "match the colour of your shoes to your hemline". I wear dark colours & I like dark shoes - so this is good for me. But I dont recommend it for everyone. 

However, I looked at this outfit in front of a full length mirror & decided the shoes IN THIS CASE need to be lighter than the hem. And I thought a goldy/warm colour would lift the cool grey/blue tones best.

So voila!

Wearing a cartoon tee is very "out there" for me. One of my regular readers called it "going over to the dark side".  With baby steps, I may even get there again. Thanks Anne!

Comments, both positive & negative welcome.

PS: I forgot to include the bag - a large boxy kitchen sink 3.1 Phillip Lim which I will show down the track....

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