Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Wore - Funky scarf & sexy shoes make the look.

When you finish reading this you may get the feeling that I have a bit of a formula in the way I dress for day. Actually I also have a formula in the way I dress for night, but that's a whole other series of posts and a whole lot more time on the couch.

Yesterday I needed to get dressed fast. So I grabbed the Hammock & Vine cargo pants which I had worn a few days prior.

The easiest top colour for these is navy (or black), so I donned a navy Giordano tank & searched through the navy jacket rack....just kidding, my navy jackets are spread out everywhere...hehehe.

The jacket

It was cold so I didnt want something flimsy.
The first non flimsy navy jacket I noticed was an Armani - from ebay-land for < $100. 

In pure wool with elastene, with wide lapels (power jacket) & massive shoulder pads (think Givenchy or Balenciaga). But this baby is around 8 years old - in fact, Armani does a strong shoulder line most years.

Once again, the detail is gob-smacking. Check out the cuff buttons. Every faux button hole stitch is perfect. I love.

TIP: Jackets with buttons at the sleeve are a sign of a more expensive item. Together with faux button holes, even more expensive. If the buttons are functioning, then she is gold.
The only downside of buttons/button holes at the cuffs is they make alterations more costly if the sleeves are too long for you.

The scarf

Ok - navy upper & cargo bottom spells B-O-R-I-N-G.

What do I use to funk it up?

The easy answer is (always), a colourful scarf.

As with the navy jacket system I have, I also have scarves in many places in my closet. So just look in one spot & out comes this French number.

It's a Jamin Puech, pure silk (front & back) with those fuffy bally fabric things in every colour of the rainbow. 

RRP was around $700 - I got it for $200 from the designer recycled shop, The Frock Exchange in Clovelly.

This brand is known for its quirky but amazing & innovative detail - scarves, bags eye. Very special.

I also bought its identical twin in all black. Both have proved very worthwhile purchases. 

The shoes

I also thought I needed a 2nd element of glamour in this outfit. The easiest way to add glamour is with shoes.
Add a heel. Easy.

These are an old Sergio Rossi I scored from the David Jones warehouse at Birkenhead Point for $275 from $850. I wore them to work many times in the big smoke.

At least 10 years old.

I love the two tone, I love the padded vamp & the double strap. 

The only downside if these puppies is keeping the toe tips unmarked/unscratched. No mean feat. That's why I am careful where I wear them - no gravel car parks, no walking on too long a footpath. Strictly red carpet events, LOL!

The bling

Since the scarf was a strong piece of colour on a dark background, I felt I needed a reasonably strong necklace.
Enter a silver circle necklace.

This also came from The Frock Exchange in Balmain & its one of the few things I own whose brand I dont know. 
But in sterling & circles a girl just cant go wrong.

It can also be clasped (I love that curly clasp) at any point, making it shorter. Flexibility like this is good for the wardrobe.

Arm party

My Bottega bangle & ring. You've seen those before many times.

A sterling ring I bought on ebay from a seller I go to often - Linda's Stuff. 

Linda (who is actually Fred) carries stuff which is often not pristine, but that's why its reasonably priced. I will assess whether I can clean something up & make it as new & that justifies my buying it. 

Fred also hold stuff for me, until my purchases fill a box, so that I can save on shipping fees. Lovely man.

Without the scarf & shoes, this outfit is quite sedate.
But its the accessories which turn your clothes from "just clothes" to "a look".

So what do you think of this look?
Like or dislike?
I'd love to know.

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  1. It is very artistic. I like the way it is done to create something accessories.