Thursday, April 25, 2013

What I Wore - Italian navy blazer meets pink plastic pumps

You've seen some of this look before - the pants & the tee. These are also known as the basics.  I dont apologise for that - I think its good to wear & re-wear pieces. That's how you get cost per wear (CPW) down. Always buy things you love & wear them again & again. 

The only real problem arises when you look at your closet and you dont have anything you love enough to re-wear. That's when you have to speak to me so we can sort out your closet.

The only caveat to re-wear is to also wear something that makes the basic item look a bit different each time. 

So back to What I Wore.....

The pants

The pants are Hammock & Vine (I do have other pairs in this brand, & I will wear them after this pair goes into the washing machine, I promise).

The tee

The tee is a scoop neck Coles Mix Apparel for $9.
It could be the black stripe or the navy stripe, I have both, but I cant recall as I type - but either will work.

The jacket

The jacket is a special piece though - Italian brand called High. High do a terrific edgy yet relaxed aesthetic. 
they also have a cheaper diffusion range.

It is stocked at a classy store in Woollahra called Riada.
Riada is one of my favourite stores in Sydney.

Its a navy single breasted & yes, I need another navy jacket like a hole in the head, but the heart wants what the heart wants. It wasnt cheap & so as not to incriminate myself, I cant recall how much I paid. 

Its slightly shorter than I normally wear and has tighter armholes than I normally wear. But I love it. 

It is a wool blend & I normally never buy blends as long term, they dont wear well. The only thing I have blended with my wools is elastene. 

This time I made an exception.


All the seams.
Look at all the seams.

I love the back of this jacket & yes, I bought a jacket because of the seams.

I love the pin dot lining. 

I love how the pockets are finished.

I love how the sleeves have an add-on cuff with functioning button holes. The cuffs arent removeable though.

I also love the front "button". Its adjustible, kinda like an elastic waistband, but nicer.

oops, gremlins sometimes flip photos sideways,
please rotate  head clockwise to view.

It has two metal buttons strung together with a small chain. Each side on the front has a button hole & each button is placed through each button hole. The result is that the jacket can accommodate plus or minus a waist size. Too sweet!

I like wearing the cuffs turned up.

The bling

An matt silver aluminium ring necklace tied by a black string from Funkis. Its a Swedish company with stores in Sydney's Strand Arcade, in Paddington & I think in Bondi (on the street not the Junction mall). They sell clothes, shoes, jewellery & home decor but with a Nordic slant. 

Usually Nordic isnt my thing, but I am a sucker for circles & this many circles on one piece, well I had to buy it. It was $89 - the cord isnt leather. 

I am also wearing a silver short necklace with 7 silver balls. Again, the ball obsession kicked in when I spotted this at a suburban jewellery store for about $70.

The rings

A marchasite silver ring from Duo in Sydney's Strand Arcade. Around $200 but I have since decided that anything I find at Duo I can find cheaper elsewhere. I like that store, but their mark ups are higher than their competitors and its good to be aware of that.

Marchasite isnt normally my thing - its too delicate & old world for me, for example, but I liked the shape of this ring - it was almost masculine in its styling. 

A cream plastic bow ring from Lovisa for $7. I am pretty pleased with my high-low mixing here.

The shoes

I am especially pleased about these - they are Melissa in conjunction with Vivienne Westwood.

Melissa do plastic shoes - weird breathable plastic and they collaborate with major designers. Its a Brazilian brand.

They are one moulded piece - the heels arent added on.
They are beautifully cushioned - no blisters or rubbing. 

I got these at an OzSale sale at their Smithfield warehouse for $30. RRP is approx $220.

OzSale do primarily on line selling now, so their warehouse sales at at Smithfield arent that fabulous any more. But occasionally something good pops up. I have a number of albums on my Facebook page of their previous sales if you want to see what they typically have - here is one of them.... 

They carry mens, womens, kids & home stuff. 

The bracelets

The pink Melissas needed to be pulled together with something else - another touch of pink.

Enter a few bracelets.

Swarovski mixed with borlotti look beads mixed with pearls, jet, shells and resin.

Thoughts? Comments?

See you tomorrow.

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