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2012 Australian Logies - red carpet

The 2012 Logies red carpet didnt produce alot of memorable looks.

Whilst there may have been some lovely frocks, IMO, too many were badly fitted.

One of the contributing factors for this may have been that, contrary to previous years, the Logies organisation this year did not provide any formal dress assistance, forcing the starlets to deal directly with their own TV station wardrobe departments.

In any case, it is my humble opinion that if you have scored an upwards of $1,000 frock, you should do whatever it takes to make sure it fits properly on an awards night.

So, sit back with a cuppa and lets look at the women & some of the men.....

Heavy hitters - the internationals

Lisa Wilkinson in an Elie Saab frock, Peter Lang cuff, Lovisa earrings & Siren shoes

This colour is SO, SO, SO wrong for her - whilst the red carpet shot is bearable (the lights on the red carpet are perfect for photos after all), .........

......look at the non red carpet may as well call an ambulance & take her to hospital.....on her, its a HOSPITAL COLOUR.

The Lovisa earrings - high street

Jesinta Campbell in head to toe Burberry......again, check out the colour off the red carpet .....HOSPITAL!

.....she definitely looks better on the red carpet - as nature & the photographers intended.....

Delta Goodrem in Ralph Lauren Collection....grecian goddess.....

The Australian designers


Asher Keddie in a modern lace J'Aton with neon yellow highlights underneath - fresh & modern.

Slight hitch - its see though - when she was accepting her Silver Logie, you could see boobs & nipples.....but the dress & the form is so classy, I forgive you it is in outdoor light.....see through... it is on the red carpet - much better with the correct lighting....

.......a close up of the lace.....divine.....

Kat Stewart in J'Aton - a tad see through, a tad strange.....Do you like?

Lauren Eagles in J'Aton - a bit of visible leg/hip/thigh......

I'd probably need a few more angles to call this one.....

Carla Zampatti

Natarsha Belling in Carla Zampatti

Quite lovely old school glamour, yes? But its a bit safe IMO.

& her hair emphasises the oblong shape of her face - I would have not stopped the hair length at the chin....

What do you think?

Georgie Gardiner in Carla Zampatti

Love this waist up, face, hair etc...

However I dont like the poufiness around the hips...there is a way to do poufy without it looking hippy...& this is not it....What do you think?

I am a bit lost on the ladies on either side, but the middle frock on Yana Peterson is a Carla Zampatti - hey - the 80s called & asked for their wings back.....what are your thoughts?

Rebecca Gibney in Carla Zampatti

Terrific impersonation of Samantha from SATC, dont you think?

Again, simple, elegant, lovely, but safe.....the older I get the more I hate safe.....

Its navy but its also available in black (velvet) & in red....

.....& the bling is Jan Logan......

Alex Perry

Megan Gale in Alex Perry with Bvlgari but OK.

Note the V line & the shoulders & straps are a sheer mesh inserts/fabric.

However I dont like the harshness of her hair at the it just me?

Michelle Bridges in Alex Perry

I loved the dress - the concentration of the gorgeous beads at the waist helps to make the waist smaller....a good thing (unless you are Carrie Bickmore.....see below...)

But it was too tight at the hip/thigh and showed some visible panty line (VPL). Seriously, Michelle, this is preventable & if its bloated time of the month (we all have them...), you should have predicted it....

Eeeewwwww.....oh & I am not convinced a neutral taupe suede shoe is a good match with a pale blue/grey satin frock......

Also given the sheer top part, would you have preferred an up do?

Hayley Lewis in Alex Perry

Definitely a pretty dress.

If she is going for the "I want my face to blend in with my dress" look, then she nailed it.

Also she looks flat chested...I am not advocating that Alex should have designed a dress to make her look like Pamela Anderson, but why not give her some shape - after all, he is known to do that in his designs generally.....perhaps this was an off the rack or a show room piece? who knows.....

A group shot.....

Kimberley Davis in Alex Perry

This dress is more reminiscent of Collette Dinnigan than Alex Perry.

(FYI - I couldnt find any Dinnigan frocks at this Logies....)


It suits her skin tone & it suits her figure. Dont forget she had a large bust & this doesnt make it look bigger....quite elegant.

I dont the work on her face though - she looks very "worked"....

Natalie Bassingthwaite in Alex Perry

Natalie has taken time off spend time with her baby - whilst her figure is fabulous, there is a lack of care in this ensemble.

Heidi messy hair, it needs some sort of bling on the arms/wrists, the dress is pulling at the hips & its very very very ill fitting at the bust (see below photo).

I dislike this look intensely because its not deliberate (I have written about being deliberate in a previous post).

"Not deliberate" generally = "badly dressed"

Esther Anderson in Alex Perry

Lovely, ethereal, look.
Loved the hair down, loved the embroidery & not too bridal.
Do you love this?

Steven Kahlil

Steven scored well at this event.

Kate Ritchie in Steven Kahlil

This got rave reviews.

I would have thought this was perfect if her girls werent so obvious.....what do you think?

Also do you like the color of the beads on the clutch?

Melissa Doyle in Steven Kahlil

Please excuse the evil camera eyes...

Great fit.

Great colour.

Great use of gold as an accessory.


Samara Weaving in Steven Kahlil

This got rave reviews & the back is certainly exquisite, but its not one of my faves. Do you like it?

Tony Maticevski (this label stocked in Myer)

Jennifer Hawkins in Tony Maticevski

with a Pucci purse...noice!!!

Quite like the necklace too..unusual - has an ancient Egypt feel...

Rebecca Judd
in a "vintage" Tony Maticevski

FYI - "Vintage" properly defined refers to pieces over 25 off years old. Tony hasnt been designing that technically this is simply an earlier season's frock.

It has received mixed reviews, but I love the theatre of it. Tony is known to theatre with fabric (as distinct from theatre due to beading).

Rebecca is wearing a Victor & Rolf clutch, Paul Bram jewels and her own Gucci wedding shoes.

Sonia Kruger in Manning Cartell

A tad too much fake tan but I ADORE this.

Great neckline, peplum (so 2012), gold belt (so current).

Note also that the fabric at the hips isnt pulling - a dress looks SO much better when it has that touch of ease in the woo hoo area.

Lauren Phillips in Jayson Brundson

Great figure, hair, face, terrific frock colour & very glam - love.....
...but look at the next shot with Jayson.......

It looks like her boob are slipping to the floor.....I dont like this look.....ew....
Notice also the matching clutch is , er, rather large...a bit weird...How do you rate this one?

Laura Dundovic in Matthew Eager

Laura is contracted to wear C
harlie Brown for public events, so this brand came as a surprise for me ......

Jane Hall in Lisa Ho

I dont recall Lisa Ho cutting like this for a long for the dress, it reminds me of rumpled satin sheets wrapped around her body....

There seems to be some weird vertical seam running up her left leg....What do you think?

& the bling.....because the neckline is quite open & wide, I would have shortened the necklace so it sat on her skin. Am I being too picky?

Magdalena Roze in Alchemy (Ae'lkemi) - Perth designer

Quite lovely, front & back.

I am not a big fan of padding in my shoulders though, no matter how much of a trend it is....

Overall, OK, but not edgy enough for me....

Oh & she is wearing $100,000 worth of Cerrone jewellery.....

Kylie Gillies in Paolo Sebastian

This has received good reviews but every time I look at it, I get a sense that a creature is crawling all over her torso.....eww..

Janice Peterson in Karl Capp

Just like Hayley Lewis, Janice subscribes to the "I want my face to blend in with my dress" school of thought. Nailed. I cant get past that when critiquing this ensemble.


Actually I can get past it - the belt is sitting above the waist seam & it just looks sloppy.

Gemma Pranita in Christina Tredente

Not bad at all.

She has great lines - she must be wearing fabulous shapewear - no lumps & bumps.

Love the red clutch for a pop of colour & the pom pom thingeys on the hem (not quite sure what they are, but cute...)

Bindi Irwin in Allannah Hill

She looks great, age appropriate, very pretty, although I'd suggest a small heel for next time....

Chrissie Swan in Smith & Rose Frockmakers

OK - some division here.

As a voluptuous lady, dark colours are ideal. Her choice of navy is lovely - a touch of difference from the usual black.

I love the bust line - empire necklines are forever flattering on larger ladies.

Also love the vee neck - showing enough decolletage to be classy.

However, I am not thrilled with the choice of shine & a light flimsy fabric that shows every lump & bump.

Also not thrilled with the leg of mutton sleeves - too much poof IMO.

Love the slickness of the wide cuffs & the clutch is just the right size for her size/shape.

Everything considers, I'll live with it.....hahahah, however I'd prefer to see her in something with more structure & less shine.....


Carrie Bickmore in Bowie

Belt reminds me of Sonia Kruger's...

with Silvie Markovina earrings

Frankly, this look doesnt do it for me. Look at the below photo - huge head...tiny waist, big boobs....Barbie? She looks photoshopped as someone said on social media.....just plain weird.....

I am also not thrilled with the fit of the bodice....the below photos capture what I am referring to well.....there is no smoothness in her bodice cups....they seem to have undulations underneath them....hmm....

Poor girl, she had an accident & needed stitches on her big toe, so the Tony Bianco shoes she was planning to wear woudnt fit & she picked up $15 wedges from Kmart.
Get better soon Carrie.

Essie Davis in Bowie

Fourth from the left standing - looks OK, but this is the only photo I could find.

Melanie Vallejo
in Michael Lo Sordo

Nice! I even like the white clutch.

Ashley Brewer in Pamela Usanto

Nice. I like this. Not earth shattering, but appropriate & not dull.

Amerlie Lobo in Ang Lang

Horrible dress fit
Horrible shoes
Horrible hair

I like edge, but this is plain weird & eeew.

Natalie Gruzlewski

Ada Nicodemou

Sandra Sully

Zoe Foster

I dont like this - she is too lumpy on the bum area & if we saw a full 360 view, Lord knows how much worse it would be....Is this a fave for you?

Susie Elelman
in Peter Bartlet

I wouldnt expect anything less from this lady.
Love the clutch & necklace, perhaps the shoes are a bit OTT.....What do you think?

Necklace by Style & Substance

Giann Rooney

Just plain weird and unflattering. Agree?

Tania Zanetta

Poh Ling Yeow

I like this - the scale is right, its fits her & flatters her. Do you like?

Anna McGahan in Princess Charlotte (Charlie Brown's evening label)

I dont like this - there is too much fabric & she is swamped....not a good look.

Livinia Nixon

This is PERFECT except for the red chiffon draping which is tucked into the waist (makes her look very wide) & the low cut boob seams in the red satin (gives her droopy boobs).

My suggestion is to have the chiffon fall vertically down & that will solve both issues.

Otherwise perfect ensemble, perfect head, perfect hair & smile.

Diana Glenn

Natalie Barr - the bronze dress

This lady needs some meat on her bones - or a better fitting dress (eg: look at the sleeve....)...I vote NO. You?

Samantha Armytage

She looks STUNNING, although like most of the others, the dress is a tad tight.

I havent been able to confirm the designer, but it looks like a very old (early 90s) Alex Perry.

Possibly a Carla Zampatti but she hasnt taken responsibility for it on her Facebook page....

Did you notice her envelope clutch (photo below)? Its literally a black envelope shape...too cute!

Yumi Stynes

What on earth is this mullet night club frock? So so wrong but she has a great smile.

Amanda Keller


Shelley Craft

I quite like this - except for the clutch - its too heavy feeling for the dress....
I love the green bling - great colour on her.

Sigrid Thornton

A few questions here.....

How old is she trying to look?
How much work has she had done?
As a pop of colour, the shoes are too dull.
Was this her 80s high school formal dress?
You may have realised, I dont like this.

Melissa Bergland

All wrong. What do you think?

Ali McGregor

This look is messy....again I repeat - voluptuous girls shouldnt wear shiny fabrics....

Jacqui Weaver

This woman needs a stylist - I dont recall her wearing anything flattering for her petite shape for as long as I have been alive.

Sophie Lowe

The PJs look - totally fashion forward & flies in the face of conventional awards attire....I LOVE it.

See also the Slap group photo in the Essie Davis section for a look at Sophie without the PJ jacket...

Jacki Woodburne

Gigi Edgley

"Money cant buy taste."

Antonia Bennett

Love the orangey red & the earrings, but the clutch is nanna.
The dress is also cut to highlight a big waist...probably not the intention...hehehe.

Red prom dress (on the left of the photo)

The shoes are 2012 but the red dress is 1985....not a good look.

Danielle Cormack and Chelsie Preston Crayford

I dont know who these ladies are, but they look amazing in my book.

The men

Seal - nice, yes?

Manu Fieldel

Frankly I am not into that deliberately relaxed look & the 3 day growth for awards nights.

Rubber necklaces should also be left for the beach...

Check out the legs - cigarette pants are in.

Guy Sebastien

Perfection in midnight blue. Love?

Alex Dimitriades

Take note at the shoulders, the chest, everything.

Men of the world: this is how a suit should fit. Amen

Oh and the navy with the black lapels is gorgeous point of difference.

Karl Stefanovic

Men of the world: This is how a suit SHOULDN'T FIT.

This guy has no idea.

Pity he hasnt picked up any style types from his industry along the way.

Jamie Durie

Perma tan aside (he could give Giorgio Armani a run for his money here), whilst I normally have my reservations about velvet suits, but he does this well......

Stefan Dennis

This guy has aged very gracefully (or had a good cosmetic surgeon...).

His suit looks OK, in fact, better than OK - but scroll back to Alex D & compare them in fit. Alex D wins hands down. Its the latter's level of perfection I want you to aspire to.....


Notice how Rove's shirt sleeve's peek out from his suit jacket by about an inch? That's the right way to do it.

But his bottom button should be undone.

Overall, quite OK though.

Andy Lee


Note the belt without any hardware showing - its all leather covered.

This is a nice formal way to do a belt for a male. Like?

See you next year.....

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