Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Street style: Wendy

Sitting back at Starbucks in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, sipping my English breakfast tea, munching on my cream cheese bagel (how very New York of me....), I spotted this lady and couldnt resist flagging her down.

Turns out she was as lovely as she was stylish.

Working in mens wear sales, she loves to have fun with her clothes - that much was obvious. I loved everything about her look - from head to toe....

** Beautifully styled silvery grey hair
** Black long sleeve fitted fine knit (Metallicus)
** Grey/black (I think faux) fur vest
** Black leggins
** Large black slouchy messenger style bag with silver hardware
** Rubber Hunter boot - flat, in a dark eggplant colour
** Large resin bangle in a purple-y transluscent colour - perfect but subtle pick up to the boots.
** Silver watch with white strap & silver earrings.
** White scarf with red & blue large windowpane checks

I loved:

** the very subtle purple touches against a silver/grey/black base.

** the mix of different jewellery textures and materials....resin, leather & silver

** the fur of the vest & the rubber of the boots added dimension & depth

** how she had a summer weight scarf wrapped in such a way that it highlighted her face yet showed off the scarf (& the tassels).

Deliberate and oh so cool.

Based on this look, I'd say Wendy he is a mix of edgy & creative.

I also adored the way she understood her best colours. Wendy was a "winter" in colouring and was working well within to the winter palette - black, grey, purple, silver, white. By playing to her strengths, she looked amazing.

& did you happen to notice that she looks super comfortable? Yup & it showed in the way she carried herself.

& she also wasnt carrying any obvious "labels"....another example that its about how you put it together, rather than how much money you spend.

As we chatted, Wendy complemented me on my jacket. I admitted I had paid a bomb many years ago for it but I loved her dearly. Well Wendy looks me in the eye, dead serious and says something like - its not what you pay for it, its cost per wear (CPW). Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. Not only is she stylish, she is smart too!

Wendy - if you're out there, it was a pleasure. I do hope you join the Facebook page for Style into Action and this blog.

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