Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Should I Wear?

Lovely fashion people,

Recently I have started working as a Style Panelist on Australia's #1 style advice site,

"What Should I Wear?"

The site has over 900 subscribers and is a community where women (& men) can receive and offer style advice to each other. You can post photos of items or looks & receive suggestions about them, as well as offering advice on the postings.

In addition, the site appoints panelists are industry insiders (bloggers, stylists, retailers) who share their professional advice with that community. That's where I come in....woot, woot.

There is a bio about me on the home page.....please check it out (bottom right).
You will notice I have been providing feedback to many of the visitors.......

The appointment is only for a month or so...but I am having a ball.....


You can connect in three ways:

1) Download the free App if you have a smartphone (so you can log in easily to give advice anywhere any time!)


2) Like us on Facebook

3) Follow us on Twitter!/wsiwau

After a couple of weeks of panelling (great word, eh?), Delia Timms, the Director & Founder of the site sent me a note of thanks....following.....

"Just a little note to say a BIG thank-you for your help on 'What Should I Wear?'. Every time I log on I see your AMAZINGLY kind, thoughtful and clever comments for the women in the community. You are so wise and always know the right thing to say. I really appreciate your help! Thank-you."

What do you think?

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