Monday, April 23, 2012

Zara inspired by Burberry Prorsum AW 2012


I am sure you have seen my "inspired by" posts - where I highlight Australian high street items which have been "inspired by" overseas runway collections.

I have done these posts for Australian brands like Cue, Sass & Bide, Scanlan & Theodore and even Collette Dinnigan.

Well if I was to do this for Zara items, I would be posting 24/7. Zara is the best thing since sliced bread for "inspired by" pieces. They do them well, at great prices and get them on the shop floor at supersonic speed.

Nevertheless, this one caught my eye as it was just so obvious but cute too.....

Lets start off with the runway versions......

They are Burberry Prorsum AW 2012.....

Tights, pencil skirts with ruffles or peplums and bow belts in autumn tans and khakis. But the cute item of interest is the owl pattern on the tops/sweaters.

Kate Bosworth wore the trend on the day of the runway show. Too cute.

Strolling through Zara last week I came across this sweater in a grey wool blend - kinda looked familiar....

Even though it wasnt an owl, it still had the animal theme and some bits of color like the creams/browns and the metallic studs (gold stars and silver round ones).

From memory it was 70% wool and 30% synthetic.

It was $80.
Frankly I think they did a great job.

What is your verdict?

Do you like it?

Will you consider wearing it?

PS: What does "Prorsum" mean?

The name Prorsum was registered by Burberry in 1901. The word means "forward" and has been used for the most expensive collection which Burberry does.

FYI, Burberry operates under 4 brands:

  • Burberry Prorsum - The most expensive of the brands. This is their luxurious, high end, runway brand.
  • Burberry London - The dressed up, more formal brand, than Brit. Cuts are usually slim and the quality is a bit more well worked.
  • Burberry Brit - The most known brand of them all. This is the brand that Burberry is built upon. Cuts vary from slim and formal to more loose and classic.
  • Burberry Sport - A sport inspired brand, pointed more towards the youth customer.

More recently, Burberry has added two regional brands:

  • Burberry Black Label, men (in Japan & Hong Kong, 2011 only)
  • Burberry Blue Label, ladies (in Japan & Hong Kong, 2011 only)


  1. Great post! Val you have so much knowledge! Thanks for sharing all the info about Burberry - I had no idea! Until now! It is amazing to see fashion trends emerge globally and by high st retailers. They must be very careful of copyright (is that the right term in the industry?). But great for us to be able to buy something so 'on trend' easily!!
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    1. You're a big sweetie Delia! Power to the consumer, that's for sure. Thanks to internet, gone are the days when buyers used to sneak into change rooms to secretly photograph items...Do u read Ragtrader magazine? They tend to report copyright cases b/w Aussie brands - & there have been quite a few in the last few years...being a bit isolated in Australia, I think the o/s brands are less likely to go after Aussie brands...but yes, the danger is still there....Finally, I am passionate about disclosing main lines from diffusion brands - as u know diffusion is watered down, (usually in the fabric quality), so that it may not have the longevity/quality of the main line. The consumer is happy in the short term. However, in the long term, the quality issues crop up & these issues tarnish the main line in the eyes of the consumer. Also by knowing diffusion from main line, you can negotiate price accordingly. Its actually an identical problem with fakes v real...but dont get me started on that!!! Val