Monday, April 23, 2012

Revenge - whose style do you prefer?

I know lots of you watch Revenge - its pretty interesting. 

But I keep one eye on the TV screen and the other eye on thelap top, trying to multi task.

You see I am only really obsessed about the clothing on the show - the rest is a bit unbelievable....c'mon, I mean,

* Emily finds a Mr Miyagi to help her in her quest;

* Papa Grayson has no idea that his Mr Fixer, Frank, would murder his mistress and has been lusting after his wife for all these years?

* The murdered mistress fell off a 5 storey building and the only thing injured is her memory; and

* Nolan is bi-sexual (well, we did see that coming, not) but his taste in bed partners (aka hustler Tyler) is pretty poor.

No wonder I prefer the fashion!

Firstly, Jill Ohanneson, the costume designer for Revenge was nominated for a 2012 Costume Designers Guild Award for contemporary TV series. 

Here she is at the awards with Madeleine Stowe.

 & some close ups....


As far as the girl characters go, whose style do you like?


Ashley is architectural, fashion foward and bold. 

She can wear colours really that nobody else can due to her skin tone — yellows, acid greens, citric oranges. The other girls could never handle these colours without them making them look ill.

Here are some looks inspired by Ashley:


Emily is tailored, sophisticated and classic, with an almost Grace Kelly old Hollywood glamour inspired and often in ivory, champagne and gold tones. 

Her clothing lines are simple and elegant, demure but not too much, with touches of pretty and so some pastels like pale blues and pale pinks and lavenders. Every now & again, some true primary colours. If you look closely, there is a strong waist focus on Emily.

Here is a mood board for Emily:


Charlotte's wardrobe is girly and young with lots of frills and florals. Short dresses, thin straps and softness, with no structure.


Here is a mood board for Charlotte's style: 

So what team are you on?

  Team Emily?

  Team Ashley? or
  Team Charlotte?


  1. What websites are these clothes on?? their gorg!

  2. Hello Anon, the items are from all over the place but mainly high street. Unfortunately i dont have a list though. I was hoping the pictures will give you inspiration to look around for similar items the styles are generally available. Good luck.

    1. Thank you but i just want 2 know where is ashleys red dress?? :)