Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coles Mix Apparel & Jacqui E - similarities?

Couldnt help commenting on these:

Jacqui E for $90
100% poly 

Coles Mix Apparel for about $20
100% poly

They are not quite the same, but very similar, yes?

& the Jacqui E dress with a live body....nice....

I couldnt find this on the Jacqui E on their site, but I found a sister magenta version dress on their site for $140, also 100% poly (large price rise compared to the previous one, hhmmmm?)


Easy care poly.
Easy to wear - pop it on & go.
Slight A line means you can run for the bus!!
The sleeve is probably more versatile than a sleeveless.
Best to wear it skimming over the body & not too tight.
With a jacket and/or a coat, you can layer this for winter, so it then becomes wearable year round.


Keep the neck & ears free of anything that competes. Perhaps some arm candy if you're going to suffer bling withdrawl symptoms otherwise.

Love the tights & booties for the magenta version.

Body shape advice:

However if has big checks or strong horizontal stripes around your (too large) problem areas, then leave it in the store. Eg: the magenta dress has some distinct horizontal lines around the hips - these may serve to emphasis hips even more.  

In contrast, if the garment has strong vertical areas where you want to emphasise a slimmer body, then it will be a good buy for you. The magenta dress slims the waist due to the vertical oblong black section at the waist. Buy it if you want to slim your waist.

If the big checks or horizontal lines are around your (too small) problem areas, then make sure it follows you home.

If the elastic on the Coles top emphasises your belly or makes your hips look too big, then leave it in the store.

Do the blink test in order to check your eye movement & you'll know whether to take or leave it. 

NB: Coles has a 30 day money back refund (tags attached), since they dont provide change rooms....let the mirror at home be your guide.

And here are some of the inspiration photos, all SS 2012:

Sonia Rykiel:

Milly White Blue:



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