Sunday, April 8, 2012

A tale of Celine inspired florals

Once upon a time, for SS 2012, it all started with the Celine florals.......some of you may say this is "too much"...dont forget this is fashion, or more like it, FASHION.

Its supposed to be OTT.

In reality, this is a runway look which will usually be broken down and worn as separates. Toning down the accessories will also help to make it more street normal.

Too cute, eh?
.....Only during Fashion Week.....

Anna Wintour of US Vogue jumped on the band wagon...naturally she was wearing it AT the 2012 spring shows...most of us need to wait a bit later to pick a copy up.....

Frankly, I love her take on it. The simple black boots, the coat...she lets the floral do the talking & doesnt allow it to compete with other pieces. In fact, she looks like a "normal" person, albeit a stylish one. Not OTT at all....

Sans coat sitting next to Salma with hubby Fracois-Henri Pinault (who owns Gucci, YSL, Stella McCartney & so many other luxe brands I cant begin to name them.... & (here's some goss)...he has fathered an illegitimate son with Linda Evangelista (of "We dont get out of bed for less than $10K a day" fame)

And then everyone on the high street went NUTS copying them

Here is H&M....

Zara top, H&M pants

Even Olivia Palermo got in on the high street act in Topshop pants...

Zara shirt

Per the Zara look book

Styled for evening - adore the father bag and lace shorts - very glam.....

Same shirt styled with the silver metal collar. I love this.....

Same shirt styled with ASOS gold tips at the collar.....

Same shirt with leather short & tights - very street savvy.

Another Zara shirt in blue & red florals in a soft cotton with more of a grandpa open neckline.....

Zara jacket -

In the Zara Woman label - $129 in 100% polyester, fully lined, single breasted jacket

I would have bought this, but they didnt make it in an XL.


Styled with their (smaller) print blouse - great example of mixing prints

Same jacket mixed with reptile print. Great impact.

Same jacket - look like its mixed with another floral shirt. Her outfit pops with the red satchel bag.

Successful jacket. What now?

Here's the formula for making money on the high street:

If an item is selling well, the store will have it re-made.

The faster the store can do this, the more money they will make.

If they dont have the same fabric, they find something similar.

Then they cut some corners on the second version, to increase their margin.

Often the corners are by buying cheaper fabric, often they are by using labour in a cheaper jurisdiction.

Fast fashion stores do it all the time - this floral Zara jacket is a great example.

Notice anything familiar? Similar, bit not the same......

This 2nd version was $119.....& guess what? it was made in an XL, so it followed me home....Happy dance!

Its 100% polyester, fully lined, back vent. However this version is in the Zara Basic "collection".
Bear in mind that Zara Basics tend to be made in Asia (cheaper labour) while Zara Woman tends to be made in Europe.

The 2nd version floral jacket is made in Spain, however they have obviously done something to reduce the price from the original version of $129. Yet I am sure they are still making a sufficient margin, coupled with the volume, to be in the black.

The second version is a softer background - anthracite instead of black. The flowers are also softer. Not as vibrant oranges, blues, pinks. Instead they are more muted greens, beiges, pinks.

Look at the clean button holes, the lining, the back vent - great details.

And I adore the functioning button holes at the cuffs. Great detail which you tend not to see on the Aussie high street & certainly not at that that price point (in Australia).

When I was considering buying this, would you believe that I asked to see every XL they had? Why?

So that I could pick the one with the best colour placement near the face? Initially the staff thought I was nuts, but when they saw the difference some of the colours made to my face they understood.

And the next phase?

Zara is so keen to make money on floral jackets, they have now done a black/white/grey version....

Same style/cut, similar price $119, again in the Zara Basic range, 100% polyester.
We havent seen this in Sydney yet.

Look book....

Street styled...

The future of florals?

As much as everyone is saying you can always wear florals in spring, this look is very "2012".

In a couple of years, I may only wear my Zara jacket as a retro piece, however for $119, when my body has physically outgrown my wardrobe, its a terrific stop gap.

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