Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shop your closet - everything old is new again

Recently I was re-organising my shoe boxes & I remembered that I had a pair of shoes that is now quite "in" I have resurrected them.....this process is called "shopping your closet". It saves money, is exciting and fun. I thoroughly recommend it. Here is the full story.......

I discovered ebay about 5 years ago - yes I was a late bloomer.

Since my fave brands of flats is JP Tod's, one of my first pairs of shoes which I bought on ebay was a pair of JP Tod's. Wow!

It was a men wear inspired shape which just called out to me, especially at a price of USD$40 plus shipping. FYI, Tod's like these, with a proper full leather soles normally go for upwards of USD$400.

[FYI, Tod's with the rubber dot on exposed soles (like Gwyneth) are normally cheaper, around USD$250]

Either way, I was getting a bargain as long as the condition described was accurate. And it was.

Nevertheless, when I received them, I polished them with neutral shoe cream and found a box to keep them in so they wouldnt get dusty. I also used a light gentle rub of methylated spirits on the inner sole - since they had been worn....

I wore them for about 6 months and then decided that I preferred flatties with a shorter vamp - more feminine you understand. So I stored my masculine babies.....until now....

If you have looked around lately, you would have noticed that the men's wear shoes are "in", for women. Brogues, patent lace ups, slipper styles, its all the rage.

So after not having worn my babies for a long time, out of their box they come to join all the other masculine babies.

After all, if its good enough for Alexa & Kirsten & Kate, then its good enough for me.


These are Jimmy Choos & they were another very early ebay purchase...but they were more expensive than the Tod's. They were USD$60 plus shipping. They were in perfect condition and I still wear them.

Jealous? hehehehe

ebay is the best! Do you want me to do a post with ebay tips?

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