Friday, April 27, 2012

Benefit fragrance doll house

Strolling though Myer today, I couldnt help but stop at the Benefit cosmetic counter.

 They were showcasing their fragrances - and I took a few pics of the promotional material.

I thought it was so clever....a doll's house for the their fragrances.

There are 6 fragrances, so each has hanging in a different area of the house.

The front yard & a closet. 

The master bedroom....

View to the back patio and gazebo....

OK, so you've probably noticed I missed two rooms....the girl who said I could take photos  spoke to her manager & withdrew the approval....drats....

But not before I took a snap of Benefit's cute travel cosmetic bag.

You can see all the 5 fragrances here: 

They are all eau de toilettes

The reason I am saying 5 fragrances (& not 6) is because one of them has been discontinued.


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