Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is designer better?

Everyone who knows me knows that I am mad about fashion & all things related.

But if I had a dollar for every person who said to me that designer clothes are the same as non designer and you are really only paying for the name, I would be very very rich.

Today I was reminded of just how amazingly better made a designer piece is than "ordinary" clothing. It happened when I saw a detailed shot of a Stella McCartney collection SS 2012 which I had previously seen (in many, many, many) versions on celebrities.

Here are various runway shots....

Now for some celebrity shots.....

and more.....

and more.....

Now lets go to the detailed shots......

This isnt a dress with a print whose fabric was laid flat, cut & sewn.

Its a dress combining various prints of fabric, mesh & lace, strategically placed.

The fabric/mesh is thick so it shaves away any lumps & bumps from a woman's body.

It is moulded to a fit models body - that's a serious amount of fittings and work to get all the bits to sit in the right place to flatter body as well as to look good.

See the trims - the elastics which add texture and depth to the close up photos? They are all specially made, just like the fabric. That's serious work with the fabric mills to ensure the fabric looks and feels right so the design is in accordance with the designer's idea.

The makers are not only experienced, but experienced with good quality garments and techniques - they are not just typical seamstresses.

Frankly I love the work & the detail that goes into designer garments. They produce a better fit than you could ever imagine because of this.

Of course, this costs money to buy.

These Stella dresses cost upwards of $2,000 USD at full retail. Of course there is sale time at the end of the season & 2nd hand time after the season is over.....

So are they worth it?

Ultimately its about priorities.

Do you value the quality and look of the designer garment to forgo something else to obtain it?

Or would you prefer your houses, children, your holidays and sporting activities and wining/dining instead?

I know what my answer competition, hands down.....

PS: I cant wait to see the high street version of these frocks....just so I could have a bit of a laugh.....

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