Friday, April 20, 2012

Copy Nina Proudman's (Offspring) style

Confession: I dont watch Offspring
Confession: Nina Proudman's style is not my style (at all!).

Before you shoot me, though, I have pulled together some photos and tips, so that if Nina's style is YOUR style, you can feel more confident replicating it.

Nina’s look has a ’70s-inspired boho vibe. Its earthy but with shots of soft colour with consistent layering and use of bohemian inspired accessories. Case in point....

& she loves her maxi print skirts....

And again.......

Notice in this one with hunky doctor one of her accessories is a skinny knit scarf?This is a Nina favourite.At the high end, Missoni does this like no other brand......d-r-o-o-l.....
(mind you I have bought one in shades of pink from ebay land...)

But you can get this type of scarf at any price pint, including cheap as chips at markets & the like.

Here she is sporting a green skinny knit scarf again....note she doesnt tend to wear large cotton/pareo type scarves - instead she favours soft thin one that falls vertically.

This also has the advantage of creating a slimming line for your body & hence taking off a few kilograms. Woot, woot!

The cardi above is Scanlan & Theodore, the jeans are True Religion, belt & bracelet are Fossil.

and more layering & a skinny scarf with a long maxi skirt......

another long scarf, Rodeo pants (masquerading as a boho skirt) & a  very relaxed cami.....

Next we have a pale cardi (Little Joe) and top with the long scarf & bag slung across the body.....everything is neutral except the scarf.

& who doesnt have a denim jacket, a coloured tee, a tan belt/bag and a long skirt in their wardrobe already.....

Mention: The scarf & bag are an amazing Aussie brand called Nancy Bird - this brand is available at at boutiques Australia wide and on line.

The brand is known for interesting & detailed accessories with a boho feel.

In my album, "Shop Radar" I have posted about a store in Crows Nest Sydney, that carries a very large selection of the Nancy Bird range. The store is called Giftica.

Giftica is worth visiting if you are a Sydney girl as there is no substitute for feeling and seeing the product before you buy.

Oops, getting distracted.....back to Nina....

More layers (clothes & jewellery), with a paisley jacket (in hand) and funky sailor pants......

The jewellery she wears is generally gold (she was warm undertones in her skin) & its often fine pieces, layered. You can replicate with items from Diva & Lovisa in Australia. You dont have to go high end to find pieces like this.

This next one is quite "loud" for Nina - namely the zebra pants and the shark's tooth necklace. But she "earths" it with dove grey and peach.

Pretty in layers with broderie lace and layers in the jewellery......

A funky beaded vest for cocktails....this is Camilla (Aussie caftan queen)....

A little black dress - this isnt 70s boho, its more 60s glamour a-la Marilyn, especially with the hair up & slick. But she carries it off well & everyone is allowed to veer off their typical style occasionally!

The dress is Wheels & Doll Baby but you can find something like this at any price point and in many styles (less body con, thicker straps, shorter, longer etc)

So, what's the trick with Nina's style?

Firstly, the trick with Nina's style is that it is very understated. No item on its own is a strong statement piece, yet the outfit together makes a statement. All items have a softness and flow about them. The fabrics are complimentary, not clashing.

Secondly, Nina's outfits always have many elements that individually are “off balance” – that look like they are just thrown on. However her looks are very carefully thought out & that’s why any overall Nina look is very balanced. A lot of effort goes into looking this effortless and that what her wardrobe department is responsible for.

Just because Nina is a character, working for a TV station with a wardrobe department, doesn’t mean that YOU cant replicate her style. Maybe not the exact identical pieces mind you, but similar styles/shapes/colours of dress & accessories.

The bonus with Nina is that her clothes area rarely designer – in fact, you can replicate a lot of her pieces from those cheapie Asian stores in a lot of the Aussie shopping centres and from jewellery stores like Diva & Lovisa. Cheap & cheerful.

Have fun with it and feel free to post photos on the Facebook page of any looks you create.

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