Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great accessory finds in kidswear

Petite girls have long known that the childrens' departments can hold some great finds for grown up girls.
Over the last 12 months, I have bought the following from Witchery Kids:

Orange & white striped 100% cotton scarf - this is fresh & pops. I had to buy it because it is 100% cotton - unlike alot of similar grown up scarves which are seriously viscose overloaded.

I also liked that its white is white-white & not off white. It cost me $20, reduced from $30. It was in the girls' range. The necklace is a Kirsten Ash.

Next is a navy & white very very fine stripe cotton scarf - again, 100% cotton & not a hint of ocre or creamy stripes. This was also reduced to $20 from $30 and was in the boys' range.

Shown with the navy top, the cross necklace is a $10 Diva (or Lovisa) piece which is a Dolce & Gabbana copy, albeit a mini one. It has wonderful detail with a red rose, blue beads and clear stones.

Shown with the red top, is a silver skipping girl necklace...I forget the label, but if you are interested, let me know & I can track it down. I bought it from a cool store in Balmain, Sydney called Duckegg Blue.

Check out this star Witchery Kids necklace. Its a bronzey finish & heavy (I have tinny metals). It was $30 reduced to $8.

A perfect layering piece. I was extra excited when I noticed it sits flat & doesnt jiggle around.

Further, its back is the same as its front, so there are no "ugly moments".
Shown on its own.

Its more "distressed" than the photo shows - which is good - being inexpensive costume jewellery, it will tarnish as I wear it, but that its part of the look.

Shown with a few other pieces:

A short Isabel Marant green necklace with semi precious stones. This followed me home from The Frock Exchange recycled store in Clovelly, Sydney - it was reduced from u
pward of $300 to $90 because the longest stone had snapped half way and had a rough bottom - I took it to a jeweller who buffed it up & I was OK to wear it.

The long necklace was from a Bondi street stall It is a
love letter and an envelope & the envelope opens and you can slip the letter in it. Cute, eh? It was $15.

The scarf is a cheapie - its 2 layers of fabric - one side is a chocolate/white/red/black cotton check and the other side is a floral B&W lighter fabric. They are sewn with a thread of elastic so they they give the ruched impression. Would have known I'd gravitate toward something so boho?

Now we move to some scarves I found at Purple Patch. Both 100% cotton. Cute colours in striped pattern. From memory neither was more than $15. The navy with the pale pink & pale green stripes is very now. Notice it has various different shades of pink & green in the stripes.

This had little pockets sewn on each end in the same knit, but I thought they cheapened it - so I removed them....

Then there is a pinks/red/greens 100% cotton narrow knit. I love these colours.

It is styled with a large Isabel Marant green toned gold necklace, an ebay find for about $110.

The shorter necklace is also an Isabel Marant with semi precious pink toned stones.
Its the same as the green version above and again, it was reduced from upward of $300 to $90 because the longest stone had snapped half way and had a rough bottom - bad design! The jeweller buffed it up & I was OK to wear it. Since its no longer a long stone, there is no danger of breakage....

The next two scarves came from Bardot Junior. A small navy 100% acrylic (but it feels OK to the skin) navy with gold sequins. It was $8. It is worn with a Lovisa necklace that I bought for $20. i have worn this twosome heaps.

Here is the same scarf worn with another French necklace I bought from Lisa Ho - I paid a bomb for this, so I'd rather not recall how much it cost, but if you are interested in knowing the brand, let me know and I can tell you.

A blue & white Wedgewood type print in 100% cotton with white lace at the ends. This was $15. Worn with a $15 Sussan 100% linen top.

So you have probably realised by now that in addition to my scarf addiction, I have a costume jewellery addiction.

Sale tip!

If you covert accessories, then when you go to a sale, the first place you should head to is the accessory area - because these babies are so easy to grab and will get snapped up first. Then on to the clothes/shoes....

Scale of accessories

I have shown some quite dainty accessories here - because the layering thing has been big and has appealed to me. But normally, I prefer larger scale pieces. Since I am big boned, I can carry chunky pieces off. However, if you are petite/small boned, keep your jewellery in your smaller scale.


Big boned = Big Jewellery

Small boned = Dainty jewellery

How do you know if you are big boned or small boned?

Look at the size of your wrist & compare it to the width of your arm.

If their sizes are reasonably in proportion to each other, then you are big boned.

If you are big boned you are generally able to wear large chunky jewellery and dainty jewellery will look odd on you.

If the sizes of your wrist and width of your arm are not reasonably in proportion to each other, then you are small boned. If you are small boned, then you should wear small dainty jewellery.

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