Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shop radar: Dimmeys warehouse

Tucked away in Parramatta, in the old David Jones building, (which also used to be a factory outlet place too) is a warehouse store called Dimmeys.

Its the size of an Olympic swimming pool, no joke.

It carries everything at massively reduced prices. It opened in August 2011.

From their website I understand they can offer such cheap prices because they buy lots are discounted product lines that cannot be sold through their usual distribution network.

Reasons for this could be: 

Packaging/labelling changes
Order cancellations

Dimmeys carries everything:

Mens, womens & kids clothing & footwear
Home furnishings 
Laundry consumables & cleaning equipment
Books & cards & wrapping
Sewing stuff & fabrics
The kitchen sink

Their brands are both name brand and lesser known brands. 

They carry normal & plus sizes.

I wasnt allowed to photograph inside, despite arguing that this post would help their business as it would be placed on a shopping/fashion site. Go figure.

Seriously, if you are in Sydney CBD, check this place out. They also have a store in Toongabbie & in country areas & interstate.


All I can say is, dont walk, run, fast.

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