Sunday, April 15, 2012

Who wore it better?

In this post I am going to take great delight in testing your eye for detail.

I found a runway dress, as well as two starlets wearing items from the same collection.

I'd like you to pick which styling you prefer. Dont worry about the pieces not being identical - they have a very similar "feel" and both girls would have had a complete collection choice anyway.

The runway look is Bill Blass SS 2012 - a red shirt & skirt...voila!

Now lets have a look at some "real" versions.....

...these were worn a day apart in early 2012.....

Jennifer Morrisson - left
Wearing the light silk top & the heavier skirt & belt - as per the runway
Gold peep toe heels

Faith Hill - right
Wearing the light silk dress in the same story
Cream peep toe heels with white platform

Who looks better? What is it about your choice that makes it a winner for you?

You may want to consider among other things:

the garment
placement of details
fabric hand
hair, etc, etc.


  1. Must say I like Faith's look better. Her soft hair looks great with the pussy bow and softens the shoulders. The nude peep toes are perfect! The whole look is very soft and feminine. Can't say I like Jennifer's look. Her hair is unflattering with the dress and gives her whole appearance a "hard" look. Ok, that's my 2 cents....

    1. Ren - I prefer the outfit of Jennifer, but shoes & hair of Faith.
      I totally get what u mean about hard/soft though - I am always a more structured clothing person - u sounds softer in ur look. Its good that we know what works for us - reduceds shopping mistakes & makes us more comfortable with our own look. I do have to admit though, Jen's bow is tied more orderly...Faith's is a tad messy....heheheh