Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Lets face it - most men hate shopping and dont usually have a clue what to buy - especially when it comes to women.

This list of 10 gifts may help you buy for your mum on Mothers Day as it doesnt involve knowing her clothing size, her shoe size, her bra size nor her taste in jewellery.

1. technology mum

an ipod cover

There are gazillions of styles in all the shopping centres and photo stores. This one is by designer Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress designer.

2. outdoor mum

decorative watering cans

I always love the cute watering can idea - as a vase, or just displayed on its own. Available in most homewares stores, department stores, discount stores (Target, Kmart etc).

3. studious mum


So she can keep this in her handbag & record things when she thinks of them rather than on scraps of paper. 

Available at newsagencies, bookstores, gift stores, in a myriad of covers. 

Personally I like the ones with the attached elastic so when you slip the odd piece of paper in it, it doesnt go flying when you open the book. 

4. resting mum


Available anywhere from Big W to David Jones to (Sydney) warehouse outlet Kas.

Pick a picture or colour theme she likes & away you go.

5. retro mum

coat holder for the wall

a modern eames replica hook system
$120 at Raw Space

6. sculptural mum


How about going to Country Road & buying 5 small vases (around $20 each), that she can line up in all a row?

7. storage & display mum

decorative tins

You can get these even at $2 shops - so pretty

Encourage her to use them for her jewellery and pretty things & not for condiments and kitchen stuff!

8. pampered mum


Again, these candles can be bought anywhere, at many prices. 

The first important step to being pampered.
9. spending mum 

coin purses

Cute coin purses in many patterns - for traditional spending mums or for modern spending mums
10. enviro mum

How about an enviro bag? 
Bags like this are stylish, washable, weigh next to nothing and carry weights around 20 kg.

And if this hasnt helped - how about:

* 1 year's subscription to her favourite magazine;
* a book from an author she likes; or
* a gift voucher from a store she likes
Have fun & make sure you will....

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