Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alice McCall inspired by Stella McCartney - again & again

A bit disappointed at another case of "inspired by" and a bad one at that (IMO).

Have a look at a couple of the Alice McCall looks at the recent Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week for SS 2012/2013.

My verdict (apart from the Heidi from the mountain top hair), is "quite lovely" and as far as I can recall, pretty original.

Now look at the next two looks:

Do you notice some similarities with the following:

Stella McCartney SS 2012

and some of the detail.....

& look at Stella McCartney AW 2011

& some famous girls wearing it...

IMO, the Alice McCall versions have been too closely "inspired by" the Stella particular, zoom in on -

1. the dotted mesh
2. the mesh
3. the curly lace joining the opaque to the mesh

The whole thing is just too close for comfort IMO.

What do you think?

Before reaching any harsh conclusions (who me?), I decided to do some more sleuthing.....
take a look at Alice McCall SS 2011/2012...

Now take a look at Stella McCartney SS2011

Alice has taken the embroidery from Stella & used it for other items too. She has also done a poet's blouse with the embroidery which looks like a Stella poet's blouse from about four years ago - but I wont go there on grounds my blood pressure is starting to rise...hahaha

I'd lay money that the Alice version doesnt have a scalloped back on the basis that it would have cost too much....notice also the Alice version isnt scalloped on the hem - again, probably cost driven - but the Stella original is gorgeous & worth every cent.

Here is Naomi Watts wearing it at the Stella SS 2011 launch......

Do you think this sort of "inspired by" is acceptable for an Australian designer who has been in the game for over 10 years?

PS: FYI - I have another post immediately following of a high street chain that has been inspired by the Stella McCartney AW 2011 collection above.....


  1. I was also very disappointed when I saw AMs collections.
    Personally, and maybe this is a double standard, but I feel it is excusable for high street chain stories to use these inspirations. However I think it is unforgivable for a designer (who charges as much as AM does!) to draw so heavily from another.
    It's uninspiring and a real let down. I would have preferred to see something really new.

  2. I'm with you Crystal. Do u know if all those folksy flowers came from anywhere in particular?
    They are pretty though. & the organza overlays were totally LV inspired....I should have highlighted that too....hhhmmm

  3. Hey - when u setting up a FB page? even if all u do on it ATM is upload the blog u'll get more Likes via FB than a blog....BTW - you write beautifully....