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Chanel Resort Collection 2013

About a week ago, I did a posting about a book I was reading, The Essence of Style by Joan DeJean.

It provided a beautiful history of the reign of King Louis XIV, which began circa 1660 when France had no particular association with elegance. By the end of his reign, the French had become the arbiters of taste and style, together with a dominance in the luxury trade that continues today. The book speaks of clothing, hairstyles, fine food, nightlife and how Louis XIV made Versailles the exquisite location it is today.

Well it seems I am in good company - the Chanel 2013 Resort collection was held in the gardens of Versailles, specifically around three of the furiously sprouting fountains for which Versailles is famous. 

Guests then trained through the grounds to the cocktail at the Bosquet des Rocailles, where Louis staged theatrical productions. 

This is

Cara Delevingne (ELITE)

Kinda reminds me of an Oompaloompa....

The Chanel collection was a gleeful mash-up of hip-hop edge and the feeling of the court at Versailles. Who would have thought you could mix these two? If anyone can, its Kaiser Karl.

Lagerfeld has proved himself a master of the high-low mix. Formal eighteenth-century details, like panniers and fichus, were re-created in casual twenty-first-century fabrics—chambray, tech denims, even plastics—dressed up with frothy lace ruffles and cuffs, and dressed down with gold platform trainers and short shorts, culottes and skirts. Lagerfeld glazed one tweed in gold, sequined another in pale blue, embroidered a tiny sundress with gold bullion, and applied the most delicate floral beading to snowy white handkerchief linen. 

The lightness, the girlishness, of the clothes had a balletic quality, reflective perhaps of Louis' own love of dance. Lagerfeld said he wanted something floating and frivolous. "Frivolity is a healthy attitude," he said after the show. 

Inès de la Fressange jokingly said he had too many ideas. 
Do you agree with her? Is this all too confusing?

The show consisted of 72 looks. In this post I have extracted the main trends for you. Every photo shows at least two of the closely.....

The next step is to start shopping your closet - see if you already have some of these trends in your wardrobe....

Trend #1

Trend #2 


Trend #3

Only one mullet dress (phew), but loads of flatform sneakers. 

I did a recent post about flatforms - 

Trend # 4
Water colour prints

Trend #5
Full skirted dresses
Rose Smith

Trend # 6

Trend # 7
Little boy pants

Trend # 8
Banded shoe

Trend # 9
That whole baroque thing (in case you hadnt noticed - LOL!)

Trend # 10
Petticoat junction!

Trend # 11
Teeny tiny, weeny mini dresses

Trend # 12
Straw boater

Trend # 13
The clear plastic purse

Trend # 14
THE Chanel bag of the season

Colour trends:
Chambray, pink and blue pastels, gold, white, black

Back to Ines....

Inès de la Fressange jokingly said he had too many ideas in this collection. 
Do you agree with her? Is this all too confusing?

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