Saturday, May 5, 2012

Easy "smart casual" tips & tricks

There's alot we can learn from Jessica Alba.

Like how to look effortless in jeans when the invite says "smart casual" without actually putting in alot of effort.

Seriously - while I generally subscribe to the theory that it does take effort & planning to look well dressed, there are some tips & tricks that will help cut down time spent to look fab.

I noticed the following two photos of Jessica Alba and couldnt help highlighting certain aspects for you:

Bad hair day? Put your hair in a bun but add prettiness with a hair band

Bleary eyed? Dark sunglasses

Top? The easiest smart top that covers muffin & lunch belly? A white shirt.

Jeans? Easy, just make sure the cut flatters your shape, the wash slims you and they are comfy.

Shoes? Flat & unscuffed. Easy.
Jewellery - earrings, a watch, oops, no watch, just earrings.

The hero piece? The colourful scarf - there is no skill in wrapping this - just twice around your neck & tie the ends & you're ready to go.

Lets give another one a try - 


Bad hair day? Put your hair in a pony tail, simple!

Bleary eyed? Large designer sunglasses

Top? Easy loose (but not sloppy) that skims over the body & covers muffin & lunch belly?

Jeans? Worn in & comfy, rolled up to show off cute shoes.

Shoes? Flat & unscuffed ballet flats. Classic & easy.

Jewellery - small earrings, a watch, a few bracelets, nothing flashy required, just some necessities/classics.

Accessories - a smart leather bag. But yoou could substitute a pretty straw carry all or a fabric bag - just make sure its clean and not banged up.

The hero piece? The colourful scarf - AGAIN.  Are you getting it now? No skill required again....wrap around twice, tie the ends & you're ready to go.

Have you noticed that these two looks really ARE easy & the items that really add the flamboyance and pizazz are the scarves?

Did you also notice that none of these items say "designer"? Sure, they are good quality and looked after, but you dont need to flash labels to look good. 

In fact, you should be able to "shop your closet" for alot of these items.

If you are petite, scale down the size of the scarf & the shirt & the bag. Otherwise, the same rules apply.

Of course for a "smart casual" invitation, you can always go dressy with a dress. I'll cover that in another post.

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