Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dancing Nina Proudman

Ok, you've seen the dancing episode, now you too want to look like crazy Nina on the dance floor, right?

#1. Paisley/floral, knee length, loose/easy fit.
#2. In this case its short sleeved, but it doesnt have to be.
#3. Gold necklace medallion
#4. Tan boots.
#5. Arm party - a stack of gold thin bangles 
#6. Simple gold ring & earrings

#1. The dress

Where to buy?

Affordable - Kmart, Tar-jay, Portmans, SurfStitch, Jay Jays, Just Jeans, Supre. I havent seen anything at Big W.

Mid / high priced - Charlie Brown, Megan Park, Little Joe, Lee Matthews, Paul & Joe, Camilla.

Most of the images below are to give you inspiration. Dont forget, the show was filmed over summer, while the items in store now are winter, so its often not possible to source the exact item. 

Here is a Kate Moss version - in black/blue tones. Sure this isnt in the brown tones of Nina's ensemble, but the theme is the same.....

Glue $150



Similar pendant to Nina


Empire seam is great if you are an apple shape

Supre $10

SurfStitch $60. There is absolutely no reason why a maxi cant achieve the same look.

2. Gold medallion necklace

You can even layer a couple of them, whether the same length or varied lengths.

If you cant afford the real thing, go costume.

I love strolling through Diva & Lovisa & frankly I think they have a better variety & interpret the trend better than Colette by Colette Hayman & Equip.

I posted this photo last week - its equally applicable this week - after all, Nina's style is pretty consistent week to week.

3. Tan boots

I Love Billy $90 on

YSO $220 on

4. Arm party - a stack of thin gold bangles

Again, if you cant afford the real deal, go directly to Diva & Lovisa.

5. Earrings & ring

If you have a gold ring you love - wear it. 
Even if its a cocktail ring - its still keeping with Nina's style - so wear it, even if its not identical to the small Nina ring worn here.

As for earrings - all you need is something simple....

In fact, see earrings on the left? look familiar? They are the brand Micheal Chubb & he has supplied them to the show.....

Michael Chubb

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for Nina's style in today's episode.

But dont forget what Blair says:

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