Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nina Proudman - the clothes from season 3 episode 6

Today (episode 6 of season 3) we saw a couple of outfits and a PJ bottom (with tee shirt top).

The main outfit she wore when fighting with Patrick (& her headspace) was the red one and that's what this blog post will cover. 

Firstly, did you notice the outfit had more colour above the waist than was typical of Nina? Did you like that?

The red outfit consisted of the following items:

Red tank
Salmon pink jacket
Red chiffon scarf
Blue denim jeans
Knee high tan boots
Tan bag

The red tank:

Witchery have always carried one virtually identical for $30AU. The colour is "rouge".

or if you want one that is more bra friendly, Witchery again, "rouge" again, for $30.

Salmon pink jacket:

This one was interesting - initially when I saw the previews (bust & upwards), I thought it was a tee shirt material cardi like this one for $20 from Supre....

But on sitting 1 cm away from the TV screen, during the episode, I realised it was a lined short jacket in a poly or acetate fabric with very (very) dropped shoulders (read: ill fitting, not deliberately boho) & had a tiny salmon & white checked print. It was elbow length. It didnt look like it had any closure/buttons, adding to the relaxed feel.

The fabric looked straight out of the 80s, circa Emporio Armani, but the style was not as short as we wore them back then. It was waist level, with the front corners extending slightly longer.

My suggestion for a similar style is Metalicus.
Every season they do a myriad of soft cardigans that work as layered pieces or on their own.

The colours vary each season, but there is always one version of each colour available each season. Eg: The pink they do this year may be salmon, the pink they do next year may be peach and the year after it may be bay pink. But each season, there will always be a pink of some shade. 

Here are some suggestions:

These two with a ruffle....

& a slightly more structured style, again, Metalicus....

The scarf:

She is also wearing (surprise, surprise), a skinny scarf in red chiffon silk, with a white geometric pattern...

How about we try something like......

or even a string wool scarf

These infinity string scarves are popular - the infinity (continuous circle) would make a nice change for Nina while still staying true to her style.

A single strand floral scarf would well....

or a narrow crochet (or knit) scarf.....

The rules for Nina scarves:

1. No fancy ties - just hang it around your neck or wrap it around ONLY once.
2. Make it thin & long
3. Tone the colour into the outfit - in this case, the scarf (acquired & filmed in summer), goes back to the camisole part of the outfit, in a red shade.....

The bag:

A saddle bag, cross body in tan with a buckle front.
Nina's bag had a slightly smaller buckle, otherwise very similar.

Similar ones at Fossil, Coach, Hogan, even Guess and Sportsgirl.

The boots:

These look identical, except for the fold over part at the top.

These are easy to find - any high street shoe store should hold something similar.

The Jewellery:

- a stack of bangles on one wrist - various metals and weights - costume jewellery stores like Diva & Lovisa can take care of your needs here.
- her gold watch on the other wrist
- a short flat gold pendant that reached the breast bone.

The pendant on the right is probably closest - but any of these would give the same vibe.

- a longer gold ball pendant that reached the bottom of the cleavage.

Whether its a semi precious cat-eye or an antiquey opening one (for a photo (of Patrick) or a watch) or a pave look, any of these will do the trick.

Her earrings were a simple circular drop which she wore last week. I think they have a simple semi precious stone in the centre, about 1/2 cm in diameter.

And remember, dont get too hung up on replicating these items to the letter.
Nina is after all, a fictional character but you are a real person.  

Let your style shine through & just take a hint of her's as inspiration.

With this in mind, I leave you with two quotes from inspirational women in the arts:
Coco Chanel:
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Anita Roddick
If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.


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