Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shoes: Get ready for creepers and flatforms

I can predict the future.
Yes, let me explain.

When the big wigs of fashion are wearing something, you can bet that the rest of us mere mortals (those not in the "biz") will be wearing it too....oh, about 6 months later....

In the old days, before social media and fashion bloggers, sometimes the trickle down never happened, or happened way longer than 6 months down the track.

Lets start off by seeing what's happened in the past.......

It started off with the creeper......


Witness fashion big wig, Meg Gray:

She's wearing the Prada SS 2011 "platform creepers". 

Here is the black version....

Then you see Hanneli, the beautiful blogger extraordinaire sporting the look....

& again.......

& again - I love this lady....definitely a girl crush happening here....

Even Ruby Rose wore them, front row at the Alice McCall show for the Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week for SS 2012/2013.

Rihanna too - you know when Rihanna dons something that its "out there"...

No surprises, there were also high rise & open toed versions done by Prada.....

The Australian Vogue March 2011 cover shot by Nicole Bentley with cover model Alina Baikova.

Will you be wearing this look?

On the high street, in Australia, Wittner was first to get terrific versions to market.....$170, but they got reduced - I think its because the style was just too directional and hence didnt sell well.

Then they did a Mary a nude patent....

and a black patent.....guess who owns these???  Moi!

They have been reduced from $190 to $57 - again IMO, because the style is just too "out there" for the average Wittner customer.

Witchery also has a suede version in black & in beige, reduced from $150 to $100.

So, what's going to happen in the future?

Your summer future holds "flatforms".


Flat platforms = Flatforms! 

Have a look at these....

Above, from middle top, going clockwise, 

Leather platform sandal, Derek Lam, $550,
Leather sandal with glitter platform, Marc Jacobs, $550,
Embossed leather sandal, Michael Kors, $675,
Grosgrain sandal on cork platform, Fendi, $830


Summer sandal platforms in a fresh take on an old 70s classic. 

What do we love about them?

1. Comfort, comfort, comfort
2. Added height - nothing like some added height to make a girl look slimmer
3. Another reason to buy a new pair of shoes. 

Here's some more.....

From top to bottom,  

Jil Sander "Phoebe"
Elizabeth & James "Boca"
Michael Kors, cork platform
Modern Vintage, blue platform

1. Chloe back tie wedge, $795,
2. Cacharel “J” platform sandals, $635,
3. TENOVERSIX “Kat” wooden wedge, $320,
4. 3.1 Philip Lim “‘X’-Cellent” platform sandal, $625,
5. Pedro Garcia “Demi” wedge, $440,
6. Prada patent leather platform sandals, $650,
7. Derek Lam stacked wedge platform pumps $590,
8. Topshop suede peep toe platform wedges, $130,
9. Michael Kors triple-buckle platform sandal, $750,

Comfort wise, look at the following Charlotte Olympia shoes....the flatform will win hands down on comfort especially if you are on your feet all day. I love the crosses on the raffia too.

I can hear you saying: Aren't flatforms UGLY?

A year ago, when I first saw them, I said the same thing. But my eye got used to them.

They are clunky & will nicely off balance a flirty skirt or sundress. 

If you think they are "too much" then go for gently sloped heel rather than a thick brick like heel. Chunky & funky - as your heart isnt longing for a delicate shoe, then why not try these?

Look at this cutie? Its Carven - how can anyone call her ugly?

Your feet will be thanking me for wearing them.

PS: When you try them on, make sure your feet are strapped firmly in place & away you go.

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  1. I love the concept of these shoes and the less out there styling. This one has the look of a heel, even (4. 3.1 Philip Lim “‘X’-Cellent” platform sandal, $625), which made me swoon.

    Assuming they survive fashion (I am seeing them a referenced a tad more, not quite a year after this post was written), once they become affordable (sorry, I will no pay more than $200 for shoes, and those better be exceptionally well made; Mephisto, etc.), I will definitely be looking at buying some!