Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sheike inspired by Stella McCartney

Sheike is an Australian high street chain which does affordable & on trend fashion aimed at 15-35 year olds.

Currently in their windows, is the following black dress....

Now look closely at dress # 1 from the Stella McCartney AW 2011 collection

and dress # 4 from the Stella McCartney SS 2012 collection.....

The Sheike dress seems to be a combination of the two.....take the left body side of the spotted winter dress and the right body side of the summer dress, VOILA - you get the Sheike dress.

Sheike is calling this dress the Revenge dress. Its $140 and made in a black ponte (68% poly, 25% rayon, 7% spandex).

Notice that Sheike hasnt extended the sheer panel all the way down to the hem - a commercial decision no doubt, after all high street is a bit less risque than high end!

It's high street after all - I should be used to this "inspired by" concept by now......sigh.....


  1. Hello Valerie,

    I really like your "inspired by..." posts, although sadly a reminder that there is bugger all originality around really.

    The whole spotted mesh thing is a bit too late 80s for me. What's that saying, something about wearing it the first time around....

  2. Can you remember who was doing it at the high end back in late 80s Fashionista? I sort of remember it, but very vaguely...unfortunately (or fortunately for some!) the internet has killed originality. In Australia, I think Akira, Easton Pearson (sometimes), Scanlan and Maticevski keep it pretty real...not many more, but if you can add more to this list, I'd appreciate it. Val