Friday, May 25, 2012

Woman of style - bright colours & a classy bag

I have to admit, that as a resident of an outer north west suburb of Sydney, I dont see as many blog worthy "women of style" as I would like, compared to if I was people watching in the eastern suburbs or the inner city.

However the woman of style in this post lives in my suburb & I spotted her at a local bank branch - yes, some of us still do some over the counter banking. 

Her name is Dele (pronounced Del) and she is a business manager for a company that imports and wholesales African food products.

This is Del:


1. Slim figure, hence skinny jeans

2. With dark skin, bright colours near her face will bring the eye upwards, to her face (& right where it should be)...perfect!

3. A classy bag, Louis Vuitton (Bloomies in the US)

4. Neutral mocasins that dont detract from the brights but tone in with the bag (but not in a matchy-matchy way)

Now lets take a closer look at the lovely face:

The tee is a perfect fuschia for her.

But those earrings are an astounding jewellery selection for her. She bought them from a local costume jewellery chain store (like Diva, but not Diva)....those earrings are (figuratively speaking) gold for her complextion.

This lady definitely has a knack for what looks good on her & she glows with confidence.

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