Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Business hoodies & other interesting clothes

You may have heard about the listing of facebook this week, but did you know Mark Zuckerberg also go married? 

Some of us were worried - not about the listing, but about his attire on his wedding day. 

Don't forget, we've all seen Mark in his hoodies....

Well, the bride was Priscilla Chan and she wore a $4700 Claire Pettibone dress (no, I havent heard of this brand either), but he probably stole the limelight from her with people worried he was going to show up in a hoodie!  After all, the guy goes to serious business meetings with investors in hoodies. Anything goes!

Thankfully he showed up in a suit - not the best fit & look, but a matched suit....

They got married in his back yard which I think is quite lovely.

Thinking about hoodies and how Mark would wear one even to the most important business meetings - I did some looking around for hoodie type garments and found some executive versions - yup, executive hoodies!

in a grey pinstriped.....

in a glen plaid....

in a navy pin stripe....

Would you wear these to work on an ordinary business day?

How about a casual Friday?

Or are they too stiff for a casual Friday?

What about women? Why should they be left out? Well they arent. The company making the executive hoodies also makes them for women. Lucky us.

They dont have a proper photo - does that mean they havent actually made/sold any?

I actually remember about 10 years ago I owned a Covers (Australian brand, no longer in existence) tailored jacket in navy 100% wool crepe with a hoodie. It was cut beautifully & lined & I would have worn it in all but the most conservative of meetings, despite the hoodie. The hoodie was a single layer of crepe (no lining) - it wasnt the lined version in the above men's photos, which I think make it look more casual with the contrast fabric.

Maybe you'd prefer to wear a USA pant on casual Friday? Wonder if there is an Australia pant?......


or maybe a seersucker pant for high summer.....

finally there is the horizontal cordurory which is made by a US company & called the Cordaround!  

The company states that the advantages of the cordaround are that it materially lowers crotch heat index as well as drag coefficient (ie: chaffing) compared to traditional vertically striped cords. Hhhmmmm.

There you have it.

The brand that sells these interesting clothes is:   

So would you wear an executive hoodie to work?

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