Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nina Proudman shops at Sportsgirl

Everyone is Nina crazy. Everyone. I had never watched the show until last week & now I am hooked....on her style.

Mind you, her style is a million miles away from my style, but I love how the producers have identified a definite look for her and are sticking to it. I adore it when people & characters are consistent (read: authentic & read: "know thyself").

We are in Season 3 and everyone is whinging that they cant find the clothes Nina is wearing because the show was filmed 6 months ago and the pieces have sold out.

Imagination, people.

I decided to find an affordable "Nina would shop here" store in Sydney & grab everything they would let me take in the change room in one hit & photograph it - the photos being "Nina" style outfits.

The choice of store was pretty easy - I chose  .....drum roll.....Sportsgirl.....

Would you have chosen a different store?
If so, tell me which one....

Here are some of the Nina outfits I created & every piece was cheap as chips - nothing was over $50, most of it was $15 - $20 per item.....

#1. White tank, coral loose tank layered (she loves layering) over it with a paisley print maxi skirt and a soft grey long scarf.

# 2. Change the scarf to a bottle green & the softness reduces by a touch in an instant. 

#3. Then swap the dark skirt for a light coloured pastel maxi skirt & the soft factor amps up even more.

In case you havent noticed, the beauty of Nina's print skirts is that they have enough colours in them that you can wear many colours with them. This increases versatility.

In this case, a number of different shades of pinks/peaches with it (but probably not all at the same time)... 

#4. Now pick the grey in the skirt & get a scarf in that colour....and you have another look.

#5. Look at this version: I can see Nina in the lace tank & the glittery scarf. They are bohemian and soft & that's her style. Like?

# 6. How about a white shirt half buttoned, with a coloured tank under it & a complementary scarf?

The scarf!

Probably the most used word when it comes to Nina fashion is skinny scarf.
She wears them in muted soft pale colours, sometimes with a bit of colour. Nothing dark or too bright. 

# 7. I can also see Nina schlepping around in this tee & scarf combo....again, its all soft in colour, in fabric & even in the raglan sleeve....

#8. Another pretty Nina top - with jeans & a cardi. Notice the off white background, small soft (bird) print and small ruffles around the neck - classic Nina. Yes?

#9. Finally a floral kimono jacket - the softness here is in the loose style & the flowers. Of course we have to add a scarf which picks up one of the colours from the kimono.

#10. A softly beaded evening top.

Another thing to note: Quite a few of these pieces have been picked up from the Sportsgirl Vintage collection. If you are not familiar with this, the large Sportsgirl stores in the main cities sell vintage clothes from the 70s & 80s that they have picked up on their buying trips - unique & environmentally friendly. 

The soft pink patterned skirt is a vintage item. I will show more vintage items in a later post.

Memo to you: YOU ARE UNIQUE

I hope this has inspired you to create Nina outfits without feeling the need to get the identical pieces she wears in the show. After all, she is a fictional character - do you really want to mimic a TV character? However, by adopting a "Nina style" you get to dress it in your own unique way - after all you ARE unique. 

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