Friday, May 4, 2012

Colour: Pink

Today when I got out of zumba class, I took some time to notice the tiny ballerina's who were coming into the hall.  So cute, all in their pink tutus.

I wasnt game to ask any of the mums to take photos in case they thought i was a stalker. My baggy tracksuit pants & smelly sweaty body probably didnt help either....heheheh

But the little ankle biters inspired this pink post.......

French brand Reperto is to ballet shoes what J Brand is to coloured jeans.

Chanel pinks

Dolce & Gabbana blush

Cute girly bedroom....

Porcelain pitcher

Fancy a cuppa?

with a cupcake or two?   or four?

staring at the view of the gerbras?

or the cherry blossoms on your visit to Japan......

and the flamingos in Flamingoland.....

and enjoying time on the beach.

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