Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nina Proudman - evolving style

Ever wondered how many printed maxi skirts a girl doctor can own?

Or how many tank/cardi/skinny scarf combinations can a girl do?

Sounds like Nina Proudman, eh?

Well, what if she tries something different?

After all, she has been wearing the same look for what?  3 seasons.....maybe its time to change...

I am not thinking of trying to change her feminine bohemian style, but perhaps we can tweak what she actually wears to make her more, well, fashion forward, & a tad outside her (very) comfortable comfort zone.

Lets analyse a few elements of the tweaks....

#1. Denim
Currently Nina wears basic jeans & standard shaped denim jackets...B-O-R-I-N-G.....

Would we consider giving her:

a pair of floral jeans - 

These are so 2012 & not 3 seasons old.....

or bleached jeans -

Please ignore the upper half of this picture - its way to edgy for Nina - but she can definitely wear the jeans and stay true to her style.

how about metallic jeans -

These are Just Cavalli SS 2012

Granted a little "out there" on the runway - but if Nina keeps the other elements of her style true, then these would be a super pop for going out! Do you agree?

or patchwork jeans -

These are Dolce & Gabbana SS 2012.

I can totally see Nina in a 70s flair. Totally.

or lets give her denim pieces that have been dip dyed -

These are from Dries Van Noten SS2011.

Nina could even dip dye her current denim jacket.

& the new piece da resistance - SS 2012 that says: "I am totally current but still boho" is - 

the chambray maxi skirt - 

& they are Balmain SS 2012

I can definitely see Nina in the chambray version.
But what if she turned up to dinner with Patrick in the black chiffon version? Wowza!

2. Stronger colours/ tougher look

I'd like Nina to try bolder colours and tougher looks, but still staying true to her bohemian & feminine style.

So far, her shades are muted, soft, with only small pops of colour.  These are classic Nina pieces.......

Johnny Was "Jessica" silk top $279

Johnny Was silk "Miller Lined" maxi with silk slip $339

lets amp up the colour & the contrast -

This is a Colette by Collette Dinnigan dress (in David Jones) in navy silk with red peasant embroidery. Its not "classic" Nina but the boho elements are there in the softness and the red embroidery.

& here is a Sportsgirl $50 sale skirt that could give some extra pop to Nina's look.
I used this in my previous post.....

How about a khaki military style jacket? 
This jacket and the maxi skirt came from Myer Miss shop. The jacket was $70, the skirt was $50.

This kind of jacket has a tougher edge than Nina's cardigans, yet it works as long as the rest of the look remains "Nina".

Worked back with a strong floral, it gives extra flexibility. The top was $30 from Myer Miss.

3. Accessories

Dont fret, dont have a heart attack.
No major overhauls here either....I would however suggest two things:

floral sunglasses - 

Lets make her sunglasses more floral, same look, less tortoise shell and but more floral.....

Liberty of London has put their florals on sunglasses...great idea, IMO.

an environmentally friendly bag - 

Instead of only having the types of bags on the left, how about she gets a Feed bag (options on the right)? 
Lauren Bush started the whole Feed bag thing - as a way of getting food to children in third world countries. Lauren married the son of Ralph Lauren, David Lauren.

How do you feel about Nina getting more environmentally aware though her clothes?

& dont forget - you dont need to replicate Nina's look down to the last item - use her as inspiration but let the real you show through.

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