Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nina Proudman shops at Zara

Nina loves her maxis, right?


And we have seen her with at least one leather jacket - a military style below.

Frankly I didnt like looked too vinyl for my liking...& the pirate shirt...eeeww.....

So I popped into Zara in Sydney, thinking there HAS to be Nina inspired clothes in there.

So what did I find?

Step 1:

First the leather jacket.

A Zara Basic black pleather jacket for $119 
Note this is in a biker style - so cool.

or if she wants to go more high end biker:

This Zara Woman version for $359 (which was in the window).

Step 2:

Add a fitted camisole underneath..just like Nina:

This one is from the web site - but the store also has them in a myriad of colours for $20 or less.

Step 3:

Now let's find a maxi.....Nina's maxis are all floral or paisley, soft looking, often tiered.

Frankly, at the risk of alienating the readership (hahahaha), I'd like her to update her maxis to something that looks more modern, yet still in keping with her feminine style. My heart is in the right place - I just want to bring her into 2012.

So I found this Zara Basic maxi for $80:

It has a reptile print - yes, different for Nina.
But in a soft colour - very Nina.
& in irregular vertical pleats - something different for Nina.

WOW! Do you think neurotic Nina can cope with this?

But notice that the overall look & feel of this still says feminine boho - which is Nina's style after all. However some of the smaller details are different to what she normally wears.

Here are some more piccies from the web:

There's two things I want you to think about from this blog post.

1. Firstly

By updating Nina's pieces just a touch with the more modern items of a biker jacket and a reptile print maxi, she can still remain true to her style (feminine boho) but in a modern way.

Moral: For you & I, as much as we have been wearing a particular style, we too need to update our pieces as time goes on, so we dont look dated.

But can you handle this sort of tweaking to Nina's wardrobe?

2. Secondly

Everyone loves Nina's style - but dont forget that she is a fictional character. Use her as inspiration, but dont try to copy her look head to toe. Being individual is part of the beauty of being YOU.

Moral: As Blair Waldorf says:



  1. I know I sound a bit ridiculous posting this comment, but I just wanted to clear up the pirate shirt/ jacket thing. I don't think this outfit is Nina's. After her house burnt down, her sister brought her some clothes. This outfit belonged to her sister. Someone even commented during the episode that she looked different, and she said they were Billy's clothes, with a bit of a look, as though she also thought they looked ugly. Though later Billy said she looked hot.

    So if you're going to post about how to look like Nina, you're best not copy that particular outfit.

    See, I told you I'd sound like a loser. :)

    1. Thank you for your feedback on the Adam Ant outfit. (as one reader put it)...I had no idea about that as I only started watching the show after the fire....also why would you say your comment is ridiculous? I dont understand that....if its accurate, why is it ridiculous in this case? You gotta explain that one to me....Nina is a ditz, right? Only on TV can such a ditz be a specialist makes sense her clothing is a bit "scatty"...and that she would accept an Adam Ant outfit instead of saying to her sister "no way I am wearing that, please give me a plain tee shirt & jumper" in a sense it is her style, even tho its not her normal soft, floral, etc style....Does that make sense? So how does that sit with you? & pls answer my question - I dont think you're a loser...& u shouldnt either....Val