Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 Ways with Neon but keeping it classy

1. Give it the fashion edge - statement necklace 
& double peplum

2. Keep it to one part of the body - top 
to toe can look garish
3. If toe to toe, keep the lines simple & clean

4. Even if the occasion is casual, expose skin 
or form, never both

5. Florals will add a touch of girly class

6. Blocked solids add class & youthfulness

7. Stripes can make neon preppy 

I love the gold wedge here - a lovely pairing.

8. Mirrored sunglasses, neon maillot straps & lips  
and slicked back hair

9. Neon accessories nod to the trend 
without overdoing it

Add a pastel & a soft neutral 
to keep it classy

10. Add a jacket & a statement 
watch- this one's foolproof

11. Add a TDF bag & work
 it back to neutrals

If you dont have a TDF bag, 
borrow your sister's

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