Thursday, July 4, 2013

What I Wore: Blue & green should never be seen, NOT.

Another smart casual day, but I needed a jacket & a heel.
Scanned the rack of jackets & this one popped up - havent worn her in a while.

The jacket

Maybe 15 years old, from David Jones, a conservative cut but that's why its stood the test of time.

I dont usually wear muted blues, especially in a jacket, but I have worn this to death.

Its a melton blue wool & its beautifully structured.

Love the way Max Mara imprint their brand into the lining.

Love the way the cuffs are done. 

Unfortunately the corners of the cuffs have gone bald. Its not as noticeable as it would be on a fine dark wool, so I have left them as is. I could get a dressmaker to shave the corner so it was 80 degrees instead of 90 degrees, but since the fabric is quite thick, it would make it harder to do & I decided not to go ahead with it.

The jeans

Apologies, yes they are the Not Your Daughters Jeans.

The scarf

The scarf was the next thing I picked after the jacket. It was $90 from Blue Illusion in a wool/silk mix. It has shades of soft blue/green on black/brown. Notice how I love checks? 

STYLE TIP: If you are unsure about mixing colours, start with a print where the brand has already mixed them for you.  Then add two things, each with one of the print's colours & you have a co-ordinated outfit. Easy.

STYLE TIP: Forget the rules your grandmother lived with.
Blue & green SHOULD be seen. Almost anything goes these days. If you're not sure, get a second opinion. 

The top

A cotton tee in a dark chocolate. From Belinda, 100% cotton, it was around $60. Very soft fine knit, so I spent the day looking down at my tummy checking for little holes from friction with the jeans. So far, so good.

The necklaces

From left to right, a Greek coin on black beads, $30 from Beautiful Things By, in Beecroft. They have since brought in the identical style in other coins, but the Greek one was appropriate since my parents are Greek. My father confirmed the coin was genuine which make sit a bigger buzz.

Then my absolute favourite part of the outfit - a magnifying glass from a homewares shop in Epping (Note to Self, $25). Since it had a teeny hole, I placed it on a large keyring that echos the magnifier & strung a Hermes leather cord though it. Since the cord is totally adjustible, I could have it lower than the coin as they were too large to be dinging against each other. 

The an Elk sterling necklace with a house design, from a store called Stem in Balmain for $80.

The rings

A multi ring Russian wedder style. Chunky. Just how I like them. In sterling. Very old. Pretty sure I bought it at a silver store in The Met Centre in Sydney's CBD called Fuse Silver. 

The other ring is just plain weird. The oval top sits at an angle to the base. Both top & bottom are about 1 cm wide. Just plain weird. From Beautiful Things By in Beecroft for <$100. Sterling. 

The arm party

I made all of these except the silver bangle at the back, the two black rubber bangles & the one which is separated to the right side.

These picked up the blues & the greens in the scarf. Match made in heaven.

The one on the RHS has photos of cats & every photo is different. Each disc has the same photo on both sides, so there isnt an "ugly" side. Just cats. My girlfriend is a cat lover, so I should have got one for her too, but too bad, I bought her another cat item instead. It was from an accessory & homewares store in Dural called Willow but they are silly enough to call their FB page "Deer Willow" so if you dont know this, you cant find them! 

This next photo is of the arm party in Salvation Army pieces.
Bought from the store in Gordon, the top oval dish is a Limogues Paris ($6), the small round dish is fine bone china Made in England ($4) and the bottom is a Wedgewood for $24. All are in immaculate condition.

I am mad about trinket bowls & dishes but if they are vintage I only buy English or French or German items. I only shop for them at antique & op shops where the prices are cheap. 

What drew me to both dishes here is that the flowers are blue. Harder to find than pink/red combinations. 

The shoes

Bruno Maglis from the David Jones warehouse for no more than $120. The original was $500. I checked the box for the age - winter 1998. The vamp is a navy canvas. The back is leather. 

Slight problem, I snapped one of the heels many years ago, so the replacement heel isnt as elegant as the original (or the front), but it'll do. I still love them.

See you tomorrow.

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