Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WIW: Colour & layers - its all happening today

I surprised myself with this outfit. Partly because there is so much colour (& neon God forbid!), partly because I didnt plan it and partly because its layer city (when I rarely layer). I just started off with the jacket, then the neon & the rest fell into place.

The jacket

This is a navy cashmere biker jacket from Giorgio Armani. 
I bought it a few years go as part of a pre-sell at the Sydney boutique and then went to the US the following week. Jacket in tow.

It was on the floor as new stock over there too & wearing a new (not bought on sale or on ebay) item of theirs always gets you the best service - on both coasts. It shouldnt be what triggers good service, but unfortunately it can be. But I am not complaining. 

Some of you are wondering why I travel and go to the same boutiques overseas. Crazy I know, but I adore certain brands & I would always visit the stores overseas for those brands. 

She has a two sided zip & the Giorgio logo on the zip thingeys. Not a stitch out of place. Too perfect. 

The top

I dont do neon. I did it in the 80s and I dont do it in 2013. 
However the drape & cut of this Zara tank said: buy me, buy me. For $70, I did.  

neon lime makes me look like death. Luckily the neckline of this tank was low, so there wasnt alot of interaction with my complexion. 

The front is double lined & the hem is curved. Its 100% poly but has lovely lines and I especially loved the way the neckline folds over toward the front.

I also liked how the hem of the tank peeks out from under the sweater. I rejected another red sweater because it was too short & didnt help with the peek out of the tank as well as this TSE sweater did.

The cami

The cami is from Target. They have them in every colour. I think it was $9. 

My main reason for wearing this wasnt modesty. It was so the fine fabric of the neon top wasnt rubbing against the jeans - I didnt want to risk any of those small holes forming on the tank, around the belly. 

The sweater

This is a TSE from the Woodbury Common outlet store in New York. Its 100% Italian made cashmere. I paid around $150 for it. A serious bargain.

Until I got home & realised it was 3/4 sleeves. I HATE 3/4 sleeves. Especially in winter. 

The jeans

Cobalt Not Your Daughters Jeans which look amazing with the lime neon. 

The jewellery

You've seen this bangle previously.
The necklace (photo above) us a men's base metal from RG Collections in St Ives. It was on sale for $25 & I was drawn to the chunkiness of it.

The shoes

Bought in 2002, these are a navy nappa leather ballet flat from Italian brand Loriblu which I paid a mint for, from Tino Lanzi in Sydney's CBD.

These babies are winners not just because the leather is butter soft, but because the vamp is low and they look elegant & not clumpy. 

Back to layering....

In case you're wondering why I dont later....I am sure you have heard that layering is terrific because you can peel layers off as you heat up and add them as you cool down. This is correct. But I like as few layers as possible - its just me. I like short sleeves & a jacket & anything in between tends to annoy me. 

See you tomorrow.

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