Thursday, July 11, 2013

WIW: Not all shades of chocolate are created equal.

I decided to spruce up today. A skirt & a heel. Still a long way off from the corporate look of matched suits, bit one step closer.

The jacket

A black/brown Giorgio Armani bought second hand many years ago from Double Bay.
That was pre ebay and before I had realised it was actually Double Pay. 

The top

A Saint Grace brown tee. Not stuffy. Casual but smartened up due to the jacket. Sometimes that's all you need.

The skirt

A European Culture cotton tee skirt in the same shade of bitter chocolate as the jacket & tee.
A fluke really. Good fluke. 
The skirt has ribbing on the lower half giving it a super pencilled shape.
The front side seams extend lower than the back. 
It was half price at $150 from Clientelle in St Ives.  

I thoroughly recommend this brand to anyone that likes cool edgy shapes. 
It was 2 side pockets which frankly give it bulk & I would prefer to have sewn down, soon. 

The necklaces

A magnifying glass which I wear on black rubber (or a silver chain depending on the mood) - $25 from Note to self in Epping, Sydney. 

A 3 ring silver chain from Zambesi in Paddington. $90 at their warehouse sale. 

The bracelets

A threesome in blacks & silver

The rings

A twosome in black & silver.

The shoes

I wore these Donna Karans out the door & in the car. As I drove down the road, I came back home to change them. These were honey toned brown (warm) while the whole outfit was a bitter chocolate or mushroom toned brown (cool). These shoes werent working with the clothes and I am glad I realised in time. 

Here are the real shoes.
Bitter chocolate with a black round toe cap. 
Stiletto heel.
Ballin from Myer at a season end sale for around $130 from $520.

The stockings

Not photographed, but were Voodoo Control Tops in Jabou.
A smokey/brown shade.

See you tomorrow, when i do a skirt again. 

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