Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vive la difference

Last week I was walking back to my car after Thursday’s Fitted for Work session, with my boss, Elizabeth. It was the first day after a series of very rainy very cold dreadful days and the sun was out & it was balmy & lovely. In the middle of winter. 

Liz was staring up at the sky, admiring the day & saying how beautiful it was & how she loved summer and the warm weather.

OK, fine. Very nice.

After admiring the day about 10 times, I looked at her & I must have given her a strange look (who? me?) because she stopped mid sentence and looked at me.

So I had to tell her. It was dying to come out. The nice weather is all well & good, but the only place I would like to be now is in a mall, having a pot of tea and a sweet, perhaps ice cream & looking around at all the shoppers and then doing some window shopping myself.

She tried again. But doesn’t this make you want to sit outside on your balcony & enjoy the weather?

Nope. I don’t like the outdoors. I like concrete & big buildings and I like to be inside them. I just do. Its in my DNA and always has been.

She thought I was strange.

I think there are more people with her preference for nature compared to me with my city preference. But the great thing about this, is that my view works just fine. For me. Her view works just fine. For her. 

But what's really sweet about it, is that we wont be fighting for the same shoes!

Vive la difference!

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