Sunday, July 14, 2013

WIW: Neutrals with a rose pink pop of colour

Very excited today. I get to wear another skirt. 
But also because I didnt have alot of time to think through an outfit, I was committed to wearing separates (not a suit - too formal) so I did what any normal girl would do.

Grab a few neutrals & throw them together. Add a pop of colour and you're ready. It really is quite a simple formula. 

The jacket

A main line Armani from ebay.
This jacket is gorgeous in real life - its super structured but with subtle curved lines so its not super aggressive.
Its a grey/khaki which isnt my best colour, but I mix it with blacks & taupes & neutrals in general and it blends in beautifully.

The top

This is white label Armani - the label he doesnt show at fashion week, but is available through the department stores and tends to have a corporate focus. Its a bit cheaper than the main line & a few years ago, they decided to drop the prices even more. The fabric quality also dropped. 

I got this at David Jones before this happened & before discovering ebay, so I paid a bomb. In any case, its Dry Clean Only & I manage to hand wash it - so that's a win. 

The skirt

This knee length pencil skirt is amazing.
Its a Donna Karan Collection - a runway baby.
It fits like a dream.
It's black with white stitching yet it works with everything from white to browns to colours to pastels. 

Instead of side seams, it has angled seams that start at the front & end at the back - makes for a very figure flattering cut. 

The back split overlaps of course - I always look for this, rather than the two sides coming edge to edge. Why? So it doesnt rip as you walk.

Its made of a thick scuba type material but its doesnt say wet-suit. It says expensive "slurping in" fabric.

The scarf

The men's style cashmere rose pink from yesterday. A perfect lift to black/khaki/taupe.

The jewellery

A whole lot of bracelets, silver rings & a 3 ring necklace from Zambesi. You've see all this previously. That's code for it was too dark to take any more photos. 

The shoes

I actually forgot to put the shoes in the main photo because I rush to take the photos late in the day when the light is starting to go down & I am a bit scatty in my rushing around. But they are the same Ballin as yesterday - a bargain from Italy, courtesy of Myer. In black & chocolate.

See you tomorrow.

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