Saturday, July 13, 2013

WIW: Chocolate with pink icing

Another suity day with heels today.

The jacket

A George Gross bitter chocolate jacket purchased for $500 in 1995. The leather is a nappa - super soft. Fully lined & shaped like a traditional jacket.

The sleeves are a chocolate stretch with a fine rib. 

It has bound button holes. 

Its a very well made piece - not very 2013 in its making. 
Notice the boning on the seams? They dont make them like this any more at the price I paid.

The top

A saint Grace bitter chocolate tee.
Very simple, very basic.

The scarf

When I went to new York last time, one of the items on my wish list (it was a very small list actually) was a mens style strong orange cashmere scarf. I did find it but when I went back the next day, it was gone. Then this rose pink popped up at a recycle store on the Upper East Side. It was $70, made in Scotland & the sort of quality that you'd pay $350 for her in Australia.

I havent since found an orange version, but it'll come up one day soon.

STYLE TIP: A men's style (long & skinny) woolly scarf is a must in any girl's wardrobe.  

The skirt 

My latest favourite European Culture cotton stretch skirt with textured bands. 

The rings

The bangles & bracelets

The usual - I think I just grabbed what I was wearing yesterday.

The necklaces

The three circle one was from Zambesi. The colourful one is from Kirsten Ash from Belinda. You can get all her stuff on line now. 

The shoes

Gucci pumps which I was watching all season until they went on sale. Instead of 30% then 50%, then went straight to 50% off. Rounded toe, stacked heel, dark colour. Me all over. About 10 years old.

See you tomorrow.

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